Movies with a Message

A friend of mine just sent info on this upcoming movie called Bella.  It is supposed to be really good!  Winner of the Toronto Film Festival, rated PG-13, and looks to have a strong message of hope.  It covers topics like abortion, adoption, and death, and looks pretty intense (probably way too intense for younger kids).

Here are some links to check it out:  (lots of spoilers here, be careful if you like surprises) 

Another movie with a strong message is hitting the theatres this December, but this one has a message of atheism and is being marketed to kids.

The Golden Compass is a new movie based on books by Philip Pullman.  Pullman is VERY anti-god and wants to spread that message.  After reading Chronicles of Narnia, he supposedly said something to the effect that he wanted to write books just as powerful, but where God can be killed.

It seems like a good idea to get the word out about this movie, for unsuspecting movie-goers.  I think many people could see this movie as just another fantasy story, harmless.  But we need to remember that the way people see the world comes out in their art/movies/writing. 

It is fun to watch and examine movies, and talk about them with our kids.  Actually, for us, asking what people’s “2 Big Beliefs” are (what they believe about God and what they believe about people) has made understanding our world and people’s actions so much simpler!  I’m glad that Pullman is upfront about his beliefs and purpose for writing – in effect giving us a warning about what he is trying to “sell”.  So many authors/artists don’t even know what they believe, and inevitably end up using art as a way to “evangelize” confusion or the common philosophies of the day anyway.  We are starting to get better at analyzing movies and art, but it is HARD work! 

For older kids, it may even be worth reading a book of Pullman’s alongside one of C.S. Lewis’, and talking about how beliefs color one’s writing.  I haven’t looked at Pullman’s stuff enough to know if I would actually do this, and I know I wouldn’t do this NOW, with my kids at their ages…! 

I just thought I’d throw out the info for you so your family can make an informed decision about this film.


3 thoughts on “Movies with a Message

  1. Just to point out the ridiculousness: Lewis did have God killed- that is the whole point.
    I have read quite a bit on this author. His best book is the one on which the movie is based- and directors tried to water down the anti God message.

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