Reformation Day Discovery

This is a re-post from last year.  I’ve already had a few hits on this post this year, with folks searching for Reformation ideas – sure hope it gives someone ideas!!  I’ve posted photos and game ideas from last year’s party here.


Since I’ve had children, I go through the official “Halloween-Analysis” each October.

As a Christian family, why would we celebrate Halloween?

Is it bad to celebrate a holiday that has its roots in witchery and evil?

Or, is it good to show the world that God can redeem all things, even holidays, to use them for His glory?

If we do allow God to redeem the holiday, what ways can we use it to truly glorify Him? Is it more effective to go to a Harvest Festival, or pass out tracts ‘n treats from home? What would make God happy?

For us, the answers to these questions have been different every year. I am positive that we will continue to really think through this issue as time goes on.

This year, however, Halloween never even made it to our radar screen. Why? Because we found something MORE EXCITING to do on October 31st.

Reformation Boys!

Have you ever heard of Reformation Day? Until a year or two ago, I hadn’t. Although raised in a Christian tradition, I was never a part of denominations that celebrated this day (nor did the churches I grew up in focus much on Church history).

Discovering Reformation Day has given our family a wonderful excuse to PARTY! And the fact that it coincides with Halloween simply left no room for Halloween-analysis this year. Instead of feeling as if we needed a Halloween-alternative, we seemed to find a “real” reason to celebrate. (This year, we did still pass out tracts and candy to the ghouls and goblins that came to our door, I can’t think of any reason to pass up giving a real “treat” to someone who knocks on my door and asks for it. In fact, after learning all about getting God’s Word into people’s hands at our Reformation Day Party, my middle son gave a BIBLE to a trick-or-treater!!)

Please see this post for more information on our celebration of Reformation Day, game and study ideas, and lots of pictures!


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