Summer “School”

(I wrote this a month ago and forgot to post it!)

So many people have asked us if we are “done with school yet?” From the cashiers at the grocery stores to friends and family who know we homeschool, everyone asks with eager anticipation for the children if summer has yet begun! My children and I have, for the most part, returned these questions with quizzical stares.

I do understand the reasoning behind this question. It wasn’t so long ago that I experienced Spring Fever year after year — looking longingly out of classroom windows and wishing I could be swimming or even just sitting somewhere comfortable chatting with my gal pals! When asked about summer break for our family, I have found myself tongue-tied, uncertain as how to explain to everyone that my children have yet to experience Spring Fever.

Then I came across this wonderful little post at First Things. Sally Thomas attempts to answer the question “What do you do all day?” by explaining a bit about their holistic view of learning. I thought Thomas’ description may help some people understand how different learning at home can be from going to school to learn. In other words, our little home school is not something that we really need a vacation from — we aren’t beating the children over their heads with giant text books all summer, simply learning and living as we go!


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