CA Assembly Bill 1236: Kindergarten Readiness Act

Have you ever wondered how Kindergarten came into being?  John Taylor Gatto in Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought? mentions the origins of Kindergarten and its connections to Socialist philosophy.  I think Kindergarten is a fine option for some, but no one who believes in freedom should stand by and give the government permission to make Kindergarten mandatory.  Please pay attention to the upcoming California Assembly Bill 1236 which would do just that.


I received the following in my inbox from Diane Flynn Keith, well-known for her Clickschooling and Universal Preschool websites. I have been meaning to research and write a bit about this bill, and haven’t had time.  I am thankful that Diane gave me permission to re-print a few of her thoughts here:



Help Stop Mandatory Kindergarten In California & Beyond!


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California School Borgs
Launch Mandatory Kindergarten:
Is Resistance Futile?

In lock-step with the California Teachers Association, and marching to the beat of the do-it-for-the-global-economy-and-new-world-order drum, California Assembly Member Gene Mullin (Democrat, South San Francisco) introduced the heinous Assembly Bill 1236: Kindergarten Readiness Act that will be heard on Wednesday, April 25th before the Assembly Committee on Education. The bill:

1) MAKES FULL TIME KINDERGARTEN MANDATORY UNDER PENALTY OF LAW for children who turn 5 years of age by September 1st of any given school year beginning in 2011. The state is going to force parents of little, tiny kids to put them in school. When did we all agree that the state should have the responsibility for educating our babies? How can anyone in a free nation go along with the idea of FORCED government schooling of defenseless and vulnerable children? Where’s the freedom and liberty in that?

2) In direct opposition to the will of the people of California who voted against Prop 82 – The Universal Preschool Initiative in June of 2006, AB 1236 REQUIRES school districts to offer KINDERGARTEN READINESS CLASSES (also known as universal preschool) for all children one year before they are enrolled in kindergarten. While these preschool classes will be offered as voluntary at first, mandatory preschool is the next specious step.

The MINIMUM school day for 4- and 5- year-olds in kindergarten readiness classes and kindergartens will be 3 HOURS A DAY, 5 DAYS A WEEK! This time is to be filled with state-concocted, developmentally inappropriate, rigorous academic content standards for both kindergarten and preschool programs in math and literacy. The bill requires assessment (also known as TESTING) of tots!

The push to detain young children in preschool and kindergarten is driven by imprudent and corrupt political and social agendas that advance the globalized future. How could there be any other explanation when policy makers IGNORE early childhood education experts such as the signers of the declaration of The Call To Action On The Education of Young Children who warn against too early and too highly structured education in preschool and kindergarten saying:

“If such practices were effective for five-year- olds, we would have seen better long-term results by now. We call for a reversal of the pushing down of the curriculum that has transformed kindergarten into de facto first grade.

Current trends in early education policy and practice heighten pressure and stress in children’s lives, which can contribute to behavioral and learning problems.

This well-intentioned but misguided policy may actually put children at increased risk of school failure.

While the monolithic, corporatized school system may be a formidable opponent, I call on all parents to protect California’s (and every state’s) 4- and 5-year olds from politicians who mindlessly and robotically introduce and pass legislation that is not in the best interests of young children. Their hearts and minds have been assimilated by what I can only think to refer to as “school borgs.” They care more about money than they do about kids. Let’s stop them in their tracks.

Since a resistance movement is most immediately needed in California, please take one or all of the following actions:

FAX or send by U.S. mail a letter of opposition to “AB 1236: The Kindergarten Readiness Act” to the members of the Education Committee. (If you want to email them, click on their names, go to their websites, and fill out the email contact form there.) Or telephone their offices and let them know you are opposed to AB 1236. Here is the contact info for each member:

Mike Eng
FAX: (626) 450-6117
Phone: (626) 450-6116
Address: 9420 Telstar Avenue, Suite 103, El Monte, CA 91731

Lori Hancock
FAX (510) 559-1478
Phone: (510) 559-1406
Address: 712 El Cerrito Plaza, El Cerrito, CA 94530

Bob Huff
FAX (909) 860-5664
Phone: (909) 860-5560
Address: 23355 E. Golden Springs Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Betty Karnette
FAX: Call for Fax #
Phone: (310) 548-6420 or (562) 997-0794
Address: 3711 Long Beach Boulevard, Suite 801, Long Beach, CA 90807 or
461 West 6th Street, Suite 306, San Pedro, CA 90731

Alan Nakanishi
FAX (209) 333-5333
Phone: (209) 333-5330
Address: 218 W. Pine Street, Lodi, CA 95240

Jose Solorio
FAX (714) 939-8986
Phone: (714) 939-8469
Address: 2400 E. Katella Avenue, Suite 640, Anaheim, CA 92806

If Mandatory Kindergarten or Universal Preschool is looming in your state, you can find the contact information for your legislators HERE.

4 thoughts on “CA Assembly Bill 1236: Kindergarten Readiness Act

  1. Yikes! Would homeschooling still be allowed, or is this essentially outlawing homeschool? I didn’t see any mention of that option. I sure don’t like the sounds of it. Thanks for the alert.

  2. It would affect homeschooling in a few ways. If you are in CA, one of the ways to legally homeschool is to file your home “school” as a private school. CA law currently states that you only have to do this after a child is age six, or first grade. Where it gets tricky are all the special rules and regulations CA has on a Kindergarten school — These could end up biting homeschooling families in the rear, if the gov decided they wanted to enforce their rules, most homeschooling families could not comply.
    The bill will also cost California A TON of money, money that comes from our taxes. And it will be money not well spent — the studies show that starting kids earlier DOESN’T help them later, despite the First Five and Rob Reiner commercials telling us so.
    There are many folks out there in the political arena who would like to see kids taken out of the home at younger and younger ages. We need to draw a line in the sand, and then push back the other way.

  3. One website (in regard to a similar bill which was introduced and failed to pass awhile back) suggested these thoughts to include in a letter to assembly members:

    1. California parents already have the choice to enroll their 5-year-olds in school. According to the June 2000 Senate Appropriations Committee analysis on AB 25, 90% of all children of kindergarten age already attend public or private kindergarten. This might make one question why this bill is needed.

    2. No valid evidence exists that mandating attendance at age 5 rather than 6 is better for the educational, physical or social development of the child. There is evidence that early-institutionalized care increases academic failure, the risk of infectious diseases and attention deficit/hyperactivity. [Academic failure: Study by James Uphoff and June Gilmopre, 1985; Infectious diseases: US Communicable Disease Control Center, Atlanta to the Wall Street Journal, September 5, 1984; Attention deficit/hyperactivity: Hagerman, Randi Jenssen, M.D., “Pediatric Assessment of the Learning-disabled Child,” Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Volume 5, No. 5, October 1984].

    3. Mandatory kindergarten will force parents who are planning to send their children to private schools to pay for an extra year of schooling.

    4. Some opponents have expressed concern that this bill undermines parental autonomy and is a dangerous step toward diminishing the role of parents in order to replace the family with state programs intended to prepare children for adulthood. Current studies indicate children fare better when parents are involved in their child’s life.

  4. Years ago I wrote a satire piece on compulsory public potty training, where parents had to drop of their toddlers to be taught to . . . at 18 months whether it was right for the individual child or not.

    No, there was no actual need for such government “help.” Similarly, as “Why Johnny Can’t Read” and other books have shown, most children will learn to read more effectively without regimented institutionalized government “education.” For instance when a child is ready they can learn to read in less than 6 weeks, and learn the multiplication tables in about 10 days. So why do we take children away from family nurture, and warehouse them for 13 no 14 no 15 when does it end.

    The “battle” of the “progressives” to expand the reach of government that seek to control the lives of others isn’t against ignorance or illiteracy it is against individuality, liberty, and ultimately against God, family and country and the love thereof.

    Now President Obama is talking about less government spending. How about decreasing government and spending less . . .

    A related post of mine elsewhere on this site:

    I am sorry to interject ugliness in the beauty of parents lovingly bringing up and educating their children. I just felt like a target had been painted on the backs of parents who choose NOT to send their children to “Early Childhood Education.”

    There is such a blunt contrast between the gentle art of child rearing and education that is geared towards serving the state.

    I have been a home schooling mother since 1984. There are people who are striving for mandatory government run early childhood education, among other things, and this viewpoint is well represented in this current administration. Parents in China love their children too, yet they are generally limited to one child, and in urban areas have their children housed in government run nurseries and work six days a week and have their children with them one day a week. Of course that couldn’t happen here . . .

    Well, I just heard on the news that President Obama is proposing a budget freeze for . . . yada yada yada except . . . . about everything there is . . . AND SPECIFICALLY not: “Early Childhood Education.”

    This was stated by our President with a cheery upbeat tone, like “Nobody can object to “Early Childhood Education.” So far, everything that has been addressed seems to me to be about expanding the reach and power of government.


    With the new Senator Brown to be seated, and the loss of the super majority in the US Senate, I think that there may be a mad dash to ratify the “United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child” And other actions that would either shrink our liberty as parents or tax us to support the nanny state.

    Our liberty is under assault. Please check out about the movement to preserve our parental rights.

    (This is probably disjointed as I am writing too much for the little space.)

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