This ad absolutely cracked me up.

Although there are many things I LIKE about the Emerging Church (in particular their call to re-examine the Modern Church and a call to simplify), the “meet people where they are at” thing can be spread on a little too thick. I was reminded about the good ‘ol days, when husband and I met while doing a well-known evangelistic youth ministry on public school campuses. I certainly saw no theological problem with getting girls to our meetings by telling them names of all the cute boys who would be there. This was one of my main tactics — get them there any way I could, then hit them with the gospel.


And yet God was faithful and good — He always is, even when I am stupid — He DID bring several of these gals to Himself.

I’m somehow at the place now here I see the Gospel itself as a powerful-enough tool to not need our marketing skills added on to it. It seems to me that in the Emerging Church’s disgust at the marketing skills of the business age, they have turned to the kinder, gentler marketing tactics of a Postmodern Era.

(I saw this ad, with other hysterical ads, at The Sacred Sandwich. Heard about the Sacred Sandwich on Josiah Ministries.)

One thought on “Emerjeans

  1. I like your blog. Nicely done.
    About birth control and scripture. I suggest that you look up the reason we cannot control our fertility now but could before the Fall. The Hebrew version of Genesis 3 says that the first result of the fallen nature is “Increased Conception”. The English versions other than the KJV, say, “I will increase your pain in childbirth…” but it is different in Hebrew: “I will greatly multiply your conception and your pain in childbirth…”

    Prior to the Fall Adam and Eve could choose to have children whenever they wanted but afterward “Eve would suffer birth pains.” Let us remember that throughout history one of the greatest and most troublesome aspects of the “curse” has been an inability to control conception. Many who want to conceive cannot and vice versa, many who want not to coneceive do so with almost annual regularity. The “pain” is not just physical but the whole person is in “labor”.

    I do not intend to minimize or make light of the seriousness of children but this passage is a parallel with the “curse of man” who must face “labor” in fighting against the “thorns and thistles that infest the ground”. Both men and women have lifelong challenges of battling nature.

    Thus, birth control is like any other battle to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil. Certainly children area a blesing from the Lord but lest we idealize them and focus only on a positive confession let us remember that the Bible also mentions in the Creation-Fall narratives that birth and child rearing are a “pain”. Children are not always presented as wonderful in scripture.

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