Seeds of Worship

I haven’t been over to the Girltalk blog in months and decided to flit over there today.

The top post was on a family worship CD series called Seeds of Worship. I followed the link, and it didn’t take long for me to be convinced enough to order the Courage CD for our family (I’m not an “impulse buyer”). Seeds of Worship is music with lyrics taken straight from the NIV. The NIV is not my favorite version of the Bible, but I think for song lyrics it will be wonderful! Music is a great way to memorize, just ask my husband who although he was raised in AWANA can hardly remember any scripture verses yet remembers all the lyrics to Hotel California.

Our boys are REALLY into worship music right now. Christian has been printing out guitar chords and practicing songs all. the. time. He makes his own CDs from music we have downloaded to iTunes, and even uses his allowance money to buy his own worship favorites from time to time. Micah enjoys writing his own songs, even though most of them are only archived in his head at this point. Daniel enjoys singing with his big brothers, adding in his own strange-yet-adorable-and-slightly-phonetically-delayed language.

I just can’t wait to surprise them with a CD they will truly enjoy!


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