Purpose-Driven Diet?

Irish Calvinist, as usual, has interesting and challenging thoughts to share. This time they center upon a recent visit to Saddleback Church:

This is really a sad situation. Here we have a guy with worldwide influence and a growing church in Southern California, and they are neglecting the only thing that can bring lasting fruit. The first year I went the gospel was obscured, last year it was perverted, and this year it was completely marginalized. This church is a merry go round that is suspended over the flames of hell. They are captivated by entertainment, flippancy, irreverence, and trends. This comes from the top down. [T]his is…because…of their track record of mishandling the gospel, which is the only thing that can bring true health.saddleback-streetsign.jpg

I talked to so many people at Saddleback who have been coming to the church for years and had no clue about the gospel. I am not being theologically nit-picky here either, I am serious. Jesus is more of a non-judgmental buddy who died to show us how valuable we are than he is a wrath guzzling substitute who is the only mediator between heaven and earth providing righteousness, hope, life, joy and peace through his atoning cross-work.

Please, read the whole post. Some may be tempted to see the author’s words as “divisive” but I think these things need to be discussed within Christian circles, the sooner the better. Divisiveness CAN be a good thing if it brings health and healing. Please, leave a comment on Irish Calvinist’s blog, join the discussion.

(For another article — having nothing to do with Saddleback but everything to do with trying to win folks to God through marketing and ploys instead of through the gospel — see The Potty-Driven Life)


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