The Power of Forgiveness

How does one get from this…




to this?

Last week, the teaser to a provoking news story caught my attention and kept me up past 11 pm to get the full scoop.

Apparently, Kim Phuc of Vietnam was a guest speaker at the Mondavi Center in Davis that evening. Her incredible story, one of pain and faith, is certain to move the hardest of hearts. Once “the girl in the picture” whose clothes were burned off of her body during the Vietnam War, later a young woman whose every move was dictated and controlled by the Vietnamese government as they used her for propaganda — she is now a mature woman with infectious joy and forgiveness to spare.

Please, take the time to read her story. And while you are at it, read the story from John Plummer’s point of view (Plummer was the pilot who dumped the stinging, burning napalm over Phuc’s village). The redemption in both of their lives is amazing.

We serve a GREAT God — a God who can give beauty for ashes.

3 thoughts on “The Power of Forgiveness

  1. Great story. It is amazing how some of the things we resist to forgive others of or ask forgiveness for can be so trite when we read a story like this. It really thrusts things into perspective.

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