Fox Faith Movies

So…we got a postcard in the mail today, advertising a new Fox Faith movie called THR3E, apparently based on “best-selling” book by Ted Dekker (whom I confess I’ve never heard of).

Have any of you heard of Fox Faith Movies? I hadn’t. The previews of upcoming “films of faith” look interesting, particularly The Last Sin Eater. Based on a book by Francine Rivers, it looks like an redemptive twist on The Village, pointing relentlessly to Christ.

I, for one, am super excited to see Christians getting back into art and entertainment. As Believers, we have for too long divided up our world into Secular v. Christian and have lost the incredible influence we used to have in Creative and Scientific Arts. A biblical worldview will color everything we do. Living biblically, we should bring a sense of dignity and beauty and creativity to everything we touch. Will Fox Faith films accomplish these tasks? Or will these simply be poorly done movies, too preachy, and backed by Fox merely as a way to get a piece of Evangelical $$? (Folks of faith proved a large presence at movies such as The Passion, and churches did a phenomenal job promoting the film FOR FREE! I can imagine companies like Fox being interested in this market.)

Hmmm. We shall see, we shall see. If YOU see first, let me know 😉

Addendum: Googling Ted Dekker to figure him out, I spied this little interview from Novel Journey. Here’s an excerpt:

Gina: I’ve read that you have a pet peeve about fiction written by Christians being called “Christian fiction.”

Ted: Yeah. I believe artists create art. Some singers sing about rescue from sin, some sing about the beauty of lilies, or the smell of pine in a forest. Which song pleases the Creator more, the one about redemption or the one praising Him for His creation? He created the smell of pine. He created those lilies. I think both songs please Him.

You know my brother owns a hearing-aid company. When he’s fitting someone for a hearing-aid, if he’s not singing a hymn or quoting John 3:16, no one tells him he’s a bad Christian. They tell him thanks, he’s been a blessing. Isn’t it cool that we each have different gifts?

When we get to Heaven we’ll be talking about our Creator, praising Him, speaking of the beauty of His creation, the lilies, the pine, not about redemption because that will be behind us. Some people think that sounds boring—to worship God for eternity, but it won’t be. We’ll be appreciating beauty for beauty’s sake.

I think any story that doesn’t mock God, glorifies Him. An artist who paints a flower is honoring the Creator because God created that flower.

I don’t buy Christian gas, shop at a Christian grocery store, smell Christian flowers, and I don’t feel I need to write Christian fiction. I want to write a great story that will entertain and bless someone.


One thought on “Fox Faith Movies

  1. Fox Faith Films put out a movie called, “One Night With the King” that was in theaters last summer/fall. It is the story of Hadassah (Esther). It just came out on DVD so I ordered it. THe cinematography and sets etc are very good and the movie recounts the biblical story of Esther very accuratly, but different than the Veggie Tales version! 🙂 I enjoyed the movie and am impressed with the quality; however I’m not sure if someone not familiar with the story would understand all the details.

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