Math + Holidays = Fun, Fun, Fun!

I receive a daily email from ClickSchooling, each with a recommended website. I love bookmarking these websites for rainy days or when we need a little extra for a certain lesson. Today’s featured site is all about incorporating math into the holiday season. There were so many fun ideas I just had to post them here.

Following is the today’s Clickschooling email:

Recommended Website:
GoogolPower: Christmas Math (the makers of my favorite math songs) have created a Family Math curriculum page themed around Christmas. This is a delightful way to incorporate learning into every aspect of the holidays. When you get to the site you will find all kinds of links to fun Christmas activities for families to do together that build math skills and comprehension too. They

*Baking – Find recipes & recipe converters.
*Budgeting – Discover how to fill out a spreadsheet.
*Holiday Lights – Learn how many watts of power they use.
*Wrapping Presents – Use your tape measure to determine package dimensions.
Make tessellation wrapping paper.
*Trees & Snowflakes – Measure the height of a tree, and investigate snowflake symmetry.
*Christmas Cards – Make a card with a cryptarithm or a tangram.
*Ornaments & Decorations – Make your own polyhedras to put on the tree.
*Santa Claus – Find out how Santa uses math to circumnavigate the Earth.
*The Twelve Days of Christmas – Learn what the song has to do with Pascal’s Triangle.
*Christmas Worksheets & Math Problems — Includes dot-to-dots, mazes, logic problems with candy canes and much more!

Don’t forget to bookmark this website and come back after Christmas to explore the many math lessons and activities that incorporate learning about other subjects too.

Have fun!

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling
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