Macho or Masculine?

While I agree that the church has become too feminized, that men have forgotten how to lead and women have forgotten how to support, and that we could almost all use a refresher course in Manhood and Womanhood 1A in our churches…what this article — Manliness is next to godliness — in the LA Times reports seems to be another instance of The Church driving into the ditch on the other side of the road.

The Church isn’t in need of a few good reckless teens. We need men. Al Mohler does a fabulous job explaining the difference.

If you’d like further description of healthy masculinity, not machismo…how about reading a thing or two from these two teenage boys? These are the kind of “rebels” our churches and societies are longing for…and the kind of rebels I actually seen and met over the past few years (there seems to be a real movement this way, starting with parents of small children and trickling into the teen scene — very, very encouraging).

Andy from Think Christian, in the post On Manly Jesus v. Cuddly Jesus Trends says that both the Macho Jesus movement and the Jesus is My Boyfriend movement have the same heart — they are examples of us “re-decorating Jesus in the image of our choice,” and approaching God this way is not the best way to get to know Him. I agree with Andy — isn’t part of the human condition our desire to define God in our own terms? Would you believe this same profound statement was made in the less-than-profound-sacreligious-and-crude movie, Talledega Nights? See for yourself! (WARNING: THIS VIDEO DOES HAVE A CUSS WORD OR TWO — NOT FOR CHILDREN! And…you may want to stop it right after the prayer!)


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