Encouragement Challenge for Wives

Thanks to JavaDawn, I just heard about a neat 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives. The author of the challenge is an incredible woman (who is an amazing encourager herself of thousands of women), Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

I remember being very convicted a few years ago about how I spoke to and about my hubby when I read Dr. Laura’s The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. Once pointed out to me, I really came to notice how much of a “hobby” it is for women to sit around and husband-bash — even in Christian circles!

Yet this type of negative-talking is extremely damaging to our husbands. God created them with a need for a woman. If you are a married woman — you have been chosen as just the right person to help your husband to succeed. Frankly, the seriousness of this job makes me feel honored and a little overwhelmed when I stop to consider it. Our verbal support for our husbands may be just what they need today — to get them through the day, to help them jump over hurdles at work, to feel up-to-life’s-challenges, to ensure that even if it seems the whole world is against them they can be confident there is someone on their team. I suspect this is true more often than we can imagine!

This particular “30 Day Challenge” is simply for wives is to spend the next 30 days not saying anything negative to your husband — or to anyone else about your husband, AND to say something you admire or appreciate about your husband to your husband — and to someone else about your husband. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Of course, I have it easy, being married to Ron!! I have VERY little to complain about! It will still a good reminder to spend 30 days ENCOURAGING my husband. I will appreciate having 30 days to focus on really lifting him up, verbally and in prayer as well. With the stress that often accompanies Christmas season (and more time spent together too) I thought the timing on this challenge couldn’t be better.

I REALLY hope all my little married gal pals will join me in this challenge. For those not married yet, perhaps you could spend 30 days asking God to make you a blessing and encouragement to EVERYONE you meet 😉

Are you in? You can download the pdf file here, or sign up for 30 days of emails here.

UPDATE:  It’s much harder than I thought not to be negative.  In fact, I did Day One twice — once as a d0-over 😉


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