why not just copy the good stuff?

It’s a huge responsibility, having young ones that learn from me — and often mimic my behavior. I definitely didn’t realize that when I signed up to have children I would be the one to learn how to grow up!

Earlier this week, I became so angry with my 8-year old for putting away leftovers so quickly that he placed the HUGE (Sam’s Club-size) bag of pre-shredded cheese in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator (and I did not discover it until the next day). Would you believe that the very next evening I got out a bottle of ranch dressing for a snack with hubby, forgot about it, and left it out all night?

Then, obviously because I hadn’t yet learned my lesson about practicing what I preach, I yelled at my 6-year old this morning for starting the washing machine and getting distracted on the way to grab his hamper — letting the washing machine run with no clothing and wasting soap. I even threatened to take money out of his allowance the next time he did this — soap doesn’t grow on trees, you know! Before the end of the day, I had started the washing machine and failed to load it. Not once, but twice. (To my defense, I have a horrible chest cold that has completely wiped me out and made me feel brain dead).

I admitted both of my mistakes to the kids today, and let them know that I am learning too. Right along with them. I promised to be more patient with them, and we all promised to try to be more conscientious.

Perhaps we’ll all get it together by the time these Burts leave the nest 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mimic

  1. This is so true!!! The saying “actions speak louder than words” rings out loud and clear when trying to raise children. Mine like to remind me of it, as well. I think that being a parent is one of the most humbling postions I have ever experienced. Sidenote…love the “new look”!

  2. Children often want to eat their vegetables so that they can grow big and strong just like MOM and DAD. If you are teachable then they will learn that too. They learn about confession and repentance from you too.

    What we learn from our children is truly a blessing!
    love you,

  3. Ouch! Oh how I have been there. Just this week we had a HUGE lesson in parenting. (read: we messed it up beyond recognition and had to repent and seek restoration with our son) 🙄

    What a joy that children generally offer forgiveness so quickly! Father is so gracious to wire them that way.

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