Will Smith Gets Jiggy With Plato

Check it out. Paul Sanders of Middlebrow comments on educational aspects of a recent Reader’s Digest interview with Will Smith.

Of course, what celebrities do shouldn’t interest me, should it?

My classically sophisticated grandmother once told me she wouldn’t cross the street to get an autograph from anyone, no matter how famous. Her statement made an impression on me that famous people are just plain ‘ol people too.

Still, it warms my heart to hear that someone as well known and generally like-able as Will Smith is making sure his little ones read Plato.  Smith’s love for learning and confidence that he can learn anything he puts his mind to are contagious.  I hope Smith’s voice added to the chorus will bring others to look at and compare current trends in education with ancient ideas.


2 thoughts on “Will Smith Gets Jiggy With Plato

  1. My pal Pat sez Plato presents Socrates in a positive light as a perv.

    RCs were so enamored of P&S that they called them saints.

    Yup, celebs are regular folks. But if I admire someone’s work, I got no problem asking him to sign a comic book he did, or a video he was in.

    But you do have to understand that the life of a major celeb, they live differently from the rest of us. The rich really are different from the rest of us, after all. (They have money.)

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