Ted Haggard

I barely knew Ted Haggard, so I felt little emotion when the scandal first broke. About a year ago we were introduced to him by 20/20, or Dateline, or some show like that, and we weren’t too impressed. Nothing against him personally, we just didn’t really “get” the vision of ministry he was promoting — the whole charismatic mega-church thing.

Besides a dose of disappointment, I just didn’t feel much at all when I heard about this scandal. Perhaps, as I get older, I tend to expect things like this? I have seen more than a few role models come crashing down from the pedestals on which I put them. Or perhaps, as I get older, I realize how truly sinful my own heart is and the sins of others just don’t hold the shock value they once held.

This article by Tim Challies prompted me to compassion for Ted Haggard. I was moved to tears, moved in my spirit to pray for Haggard, his family, his church, and for everyone in our country — and world — who is paying attention to the current disgrace.
I encourage, no, I implore you to read it.

May we all pray for an outpouring of God’s grace, and for genuine revival of His Church.

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