As Goes Missouri?

As goes Missouri, so goes the Nation?

The nation (celebrities included) is certainly paying attention to politics in Missouri this week. A ballot measure, intertwined with a race for a Senate seat, has got Everyone thinking about and sharing their opinions on stem cell research.

I LIKE Michael J. Fox. As far as I can tell, he is a really swell guy. And it is a travesty that he has to suffer through Parkinson’s Disease at such a young age.

But is sympathy for him (and other sufferers) enough to validate the killing of children for research?

I appreciated this little guy’s perspective on the matter (HT: Spunky Homeschool and Michelle Matkin):

Right after the Michael J. Fox video aired, a few celebrities got together and quickly put forth this response:

What do you think of stem cell research? Personally, I think it is insane that we spend so much time and money arguing over embryonic research, when these resources could be poured into already-successful adult stem cell work.

The issue isn’t one of being pro-stem cell research or anti-stem cell research. Even Senator Talent has voted in favor of spending millions in federal funds for adult stem research, “the only kind of research that has ever cured a single patient.” Adult stem cell research shows rich promise. On the other hand, the day before the MJF ad came out, a new study showed rats treated with embryonic stem cells were cured of Parkinson’s — but EVERY SINGLE ONE of them began growing brain tumors.

However, even if embryonic stem cell research was the magic pill to cure all ill, I would still be against it. After all, killing prisoners to remove working hearts would be one way to help patients who need heart transplants. Why don’t we consider it? Because prisoners are people. If life begins at conception, then embryos are people too. Using them for research is simply not an option.


2 thoughts on “As Goes Missouri?

  1. Michael J. Fox’s ad upsets me for two reasons. First, I don’t like being emotionally manipulated. Second, and by his own admission, Mr. Fox doesn’t take his medication before public appearances, to make his disease more apparent.

    To date, not one effective treatment has come of embryonic stem cell research. Over 70 have resulted from adult stem cells.

    Unfortunately, the impetus behind the amendment seems to be money. Over 90% of the funding for the campaign in support of the amendment has come from a family which owns a stem cell research facility in Kansas City. Currently, adult stem cell lines cannot be patented, but embryonic stem cell lines can.

    I was on the fence when I first learned of the amendment. It’s a horribly complicated issue. Now that I’ve seen the details, I’m strongly opposed.

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