The Evolution of Beauty

This video is shocking, and is a must-see if you are woman or have one in your life.


(Hat Tip to K-Dad Network!)

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Beauty

  1. The “Evolution of Beauty” video shows not just the make-up process, but also the graphics department’s “adjustments” to the photo image. And, of that, not just airbrushing, but also computer graphics lengthening of the neck, and computer graphics slimming of the cheeks, for the final billboard image.

    The message of the video is that the media (in this case, a billboard) puts out a deceptive fantasy image of feminine beauty.

    “Evolution of Beauty” video’s artificial face changing starts with the make-up process, which generations of women engaged in. (In my day, hippie girls did not so much use the make-up.)

    The graphics enhancements aspect of media falsehood, that the video revealed, is interesting.

    Make-up to the face and hair is nothing new. Airbrushing is nothing new.

    Computer graphics enhancement to the face and neck: this is new, but consistent with the past.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  2. Wow! As I have matured as a man, my concept of beauty has changed. I no longer see flaws, just uniqueness.

    Amazing what make-up and lighting can do to the human face. The true test for you young men out there is when you wake up next to your unmade up wife and find her as radiant as ever!

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