Man Blogs

This weekend I enjoyed two great entries on masculine subjects.

Scott Somerville from K-Dad Education in writes in Romance as a Required Subject:

“Your sons need to understand that a romantic hero gets to fight the dragon of discontent every day for the sake of the woman he loves. Living happily ever after is just as much of a struggle–and a triumph!–as winning her hand in the first place.”

And Bob K from Worship Matters writes in his September 29, 2006 entry, Do Men and Women Worship Differently? (I think you’ll have to scroll down, I couldn’t get the permalink to do anything besides link to the home page):

“It’s not about worshipping God in a feminine or masculine way, but worshipping Him for Who has revealed Himself to be and in the ways He has commanded us to worship Him. As we do so, we’ll find men becoming more manly and women becoming more “womanly.” Given the current climate in many churches, this would probably result in many churches becoming more “masculine” in their worship, but any church becoming more biblical.”

I hope you’ll take the time to read both of these short posts…and take a minute to look around these challenging “man blogs!”


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