Homeschooling for Preschool

I have several friends and family members who are interested in “homeschooling” their preschoolers. Honestly, the word “homeschooling” in connection with a preschooler should simply be replaced with the term “parenting.” Homeschooling a preschooler is a piece of cake — you have already been at it for years! Think about it: Who taught your daughter “ma ma” and “da da”? Who guided your little guy with his first few steps? Who taught him to eat without slobbering all over himself (most of the time)? Who trained your sweet gal which toys go in which bin? You are already an expert instructor! 🙂

one smart boy!

Spunky Homeschool recently wrote a post on homeschooling preschoolers. She gives a lot of tips and web links, along with this good advice: At the preschool stage, curiosity is the best curriculum and exploration the best teacher. I highly recommend clicking around the links in Spunky’s post, especially Preschoolers and Peace (wonderful site!) and anything having to do with Charlotte Mason (my heroine!). The only thing I’d add to Spunky’s list would be Universal Preschool. If you are planning on homeschooling a preschooler, try to slow down and enjoy every minute of it. Children don’t stay little forever.


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