Barbara Curtis on Modesty

Mommy Life, blog of Barbara Curtis, delights my soul, informs my mind, encourages my walk, and eases my heart. Usually. Her current posts on modesty are really getting under my skin — modesty, or immodesty, in our culture can no longer be ignored. Not by parents, not by Christians, not by women, not by Americans. We need to analyize this situation we find ourselves in, and figure out what to do next!

Barbara points out that this is not simply a problem in our country. She points to an interesting, disturbing post called Snuffing out Childhood Before It’s Even Begun by Not Just for Superheroes in the Phillipines. Barbara introduces the modesty issue here and here, explains about the responsiblity girls have to be modest here (complete with great conversation starters to have with your daughter), and she informs us all about how Second Wave Feminism and the Sexual Revolution contributed to much of what we consider “normal” here. The excerpt from her book Reaching the Left from the Right (from the aforementioned post) is worth a quick read!

While you are over at Barbara’s blog, I hope you’ll take the time to be encouraged as well. Her story is fascinating, and as a former Montessori teacher and mother of 12, she does pretty swell reviews of books and children’s products.


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