Stupid in America Returns!

I'm bored

Thanks to a tip from Spunky Homeschool, I just became aware that John Stossel’s program Stupid in America will be re-airing tomorrow evening on ABC. And (isn’t the Internet amazing?) if you don’t want to wait until tomorrow night, you can view the program in its entirety right there on YouTube (no commericals!)

My thoughts on schooling in America have been heavily influenced by John Taylor Gatto, especially his collection of essays entitled A Different Kind of Teacher. Gatto was Teacher of the Year for both New York State and the city of New York in the 90’s, before he finally threw in the towel. Gatto has respect for teachers, a love for our youth, and serious disdain for our educational system. I was shocked to learn first from Gatto how our schooling system is set up in the manner of Germany and Prussia (and can I say that I think we are headed toward the kind of mass mind control that set Germany up to be accepting of Hitler?).

Both Stossel and Gatto think the way to success in education will come from a more “Capitalist” view of schooling, and to stop Government from micro-managing our education.

You can read a few of Gatto’s essays online. I recommend The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher and Against School. Gatto’s newest book, The Underground History of American Education is also available online.

If you watch Stupid in America, or read any of Gatto’s works, I’d love to hear your opinions of these.

(See ABC’s article on Stupid in America here).

One thought on “Stupid in America Returns!

  1. I am reading Stossel regularly. He is, of course, very anti-union. I wondered today if I mentioned his name at lunch whether there would be any other teacher who would recognize it. I think we definitely live in abysmal times- people are adamentally against things, but they have not the least idea of why.

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