Free Reading

Abebooks announced today that Google is offering .pdf files of many public domain books.  This isn’t anything new — several websites have been collecting and donating to the public oldies-but-goodies for free downloads (for ipod or printing, etc.) for quite awhile now.  However…Google Books is sharp, as Google always is!  For further information about this project, check Google’s blog post on Downloading the Classics.

Eager for more online freebies?  Here are a few more sites offering full texts:

Project Gutenberg

The Baldwin Project

Many Books

Classic Book Library

Penn Library’s Digital Library Projects

Ambleside Online (follow links to specific books)

Literature for Children


Audio Books Online:

Audio Books for Free

Story Nory for Kids

Homeschool Radio Shows (this website sells many audio books and radio programs, but also sends out a free radio program once a week to your email — NOT only for homeschooled children — children and adults of all sorts will appreciate this service!)


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