Salad with a Spoon

I feel like a farmgirl now!

My sister-in-law, Jannie, bought me the most endearing book this past Christmas. Called MaryJane’s Ideabook-Cookbook-Lifebook (for the farmgirl in all of us), it’s sort of a cross between Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Homemakers-R-Us, and Future Farmers of America. In other words, I love it!

One of Mary Jane’s ideas is to eat salad with a spoon. Here’s why:

Learn to eat salad with a spoon. Quit fussing with gourmet salads, the kind you chase around your plate. Simply retool and rethink this wondrous food. Toss your salad forks into permanent hibernation. The secret to the plentiful partaking of salad greens is “the salad spoon”… as in soup spoon. Buy or grow strong, vitamin-packed greens like kale, parsley, tat soi, napa cabbage, beet greens, spinach, basil, chard, sorrel, dark lettuces, dandelion greens, and Good King Henry along with lettuce, carrots, sunchokes, broccoli, squash, etc. Put all of it on a cutting board and start chopping. Dress with olive or flax oil and balsamic vinegar. For breakfast, add a hard-boiled egg or apple chunks or raisins. If it’s dinnertime, add some bits of cooked potatoes or rice or lentils. You’ll quadruple the amount of greens you eat once you start eating salad with a spoon.

Click Here for five other ways to “feel like a farmgirl.”

One thought on “Salad with a Spoon

  1. Yes!

    I made tuna salad when I was at Roy’s in ’84, and he was amazed that I made it as a real “salad,” mincing onion, finely chopping radish, celery, shredding carrots, what-have-you veggies from his fridge.

    Yes, just experimenting over the years I learned to make salad so you can eat it with a spoon.

    For a while I also used cooked oatmeal, cold, as a sort of paste (not too much) for thickening tuna salad. Not to replace the mayo, but stretch it. No taste, invisible, and good fiber. I suppose dry oatmeal would be good for soggy salad, to soak up juice from leaky vegetables.

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