A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies

David Porta emailed a short online movie showcasing some of the recent fudging going on in photos covering the war in Lebanon.  I remember reading, before the story “broke” in the media-at-large, a few blogs that insisted several photos looked like they had been staged.  Their “evidence” was compelling, enough for me to forward the blog sites on to my husband, but not enough for me to believe it.  I just didn’t want to “drive into the ditch on the other side of the road” — accusing any who is pro-Hezbollah of being guilty of lying and manipulation or assuming the media was strongly biased against Israel. 

Well, I am glad the story finally hit (But has it?  I had trouble finding news story links on major news sites.  I did find this, in the LA Times — in the Entertainment News section of the LA Times, that is!).  I wish it had hit harder and louder. 

I have to wonder, as technolgy advances, will there come a time when it is impossible to tell real photos from tampered photos?

For today, I thank God for the blogosphere which has given the average man a voice again.  Hugh Hewitt predicted the demise of the liberal media giants as information begins to freely flow from many (often dissenting) blogger voices, picking up speed with links and tags until a river of fact reaches more people than the 6 o’clock news.  I like the fact that we have more information at our fingertips through the Internet and blogs, instead of just the controlled blips spouted out by the 3 Big Networks’ newscasters.  However, with more information, comes more responsibility (to almost quote Spiderman).  I pray that we Americans can re-learn how to think and discern for ourselves.  I hope that we can re-learn self-government (which in essence is God-government — when folks obey God’s laws in their hearts, we don’t need big government to step in and micro-manage our lives).  At the very least, blogging is opening up a conversation that causes us readers, writers, and commenters to think things through.  And this is good.

More links to tampered photo story for your own CSI investigation (please be warned these are graphic images):  Reuters Photo Fraud, The Video Case against Green Helmet, Green Helmet’s Defense, Little Green FootballsPower Line, Michelle Malkin


One thought on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies

  1. //
    However, with more information, comes more responsibility (to almost quote Spiderman).

    Excellent reference!
    Bad spelling.


    Friends, Episode 3.19

    PHOEBE: Hey! Why isn’t it “Spidermən”? Ya know, like Goldman, or Silverman?

    CHANDLER: It’s not his last name.

    PHOEBE: It isn’t?

    CHANDLER: No. It’s not like… like “Phil Spiderman”. He’s a Spider / Man. You know, like, uh, like “Goldman” is a last name, but there’s no Gold-Man.

    PHOEBE: Oh, okay! … There should be a “Gold-Man!”


    Pardon my OCD, but I *am* a comic book nerd, after all.
    (In 1965 I owned a copy of Amazing-Fantasy #15. The first Spider-Man comic I bought new was Spider-Man #2.)

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