Water Conservation

On the way to church family camp last weekend, Daniel learned the term “double.”  Apparently, the boys “double-buckled” for a bit in the RV on our way up the mountain.

On Friday evening, Daniel and I hiked together to the campground’s community bathroom.  We shared the same stall, and I went potty first.  He began to flush the toilet for me (his favorite part of public restrooms is the chance to flush using the giant handle) but I stopped him and encouraged him to save the flush until he had relieved himself first.

After finishing and flushing, he eagerly announced, “Double-Pee!  We went double-pee!  Just like ‘double-buckle!'” 

I giggled and asked him if he knew what the word “double” meant.  He said yes, without offering further explanation.  I described the word double to mean 2 of something, as a double-scoop ice cream cone would have two scoops of ice cream on it. 

He responded, “Um, yes….but it also means a really BAD guy who doesn’t like God!”


Bewildered, I stared at him.  Suddenly I realized that he was hearing “double” and “devil” as the same word!  We practiced listening to and saying the phonetic distinctions of these two words all the way back to camp:  Double.  Devil.  Double.  Devil.  I think Daniel has it straight now, and our family has a fun new euphemism to add to our vocabulary!

At the State Fair today, we learned that 40% of the water used by a household comes from flushing the toilet!  Perhaps a “devil-pee”  here or there in your home may help a bit with water conservation!

2 thoughts on “Water Conservation

  1. //
    Perhaps a ‘devil-pee”’ here or there in your home may help a bit with water conservation!

    “If it’s brown, flush it down. Ifit’s yellow, let it mellow.”

    Unless, of course, someone has diabetes, with syupy urine that breeds bacteria. It tends to give a bad case of acne to your toilet bowl.


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