Visited States

Westside Mama

Here’s a nifty little site that demonstrates with dramatic visual flair which States you have traveled to (or have not yet visited).

Forget about Red States v. Blue States!  Look at all these untouched (by me) White States!  States where my soul longs to journey, to meet Americans of all sizes, shapes, and colors, to drink in the history of our free country!

Because of my wonderful husband, I have added the following notches to my traveling belt:  2 trips to the heart of Mexico, 2 trips to Canada (East Coast and West Coast), and 5 new U.S. State trips.  (I believe my darling husband has been to all 50 States, except for Hawaii). 

It is time for more traveling.  My heart longeth to make the white states red! 

Won’t you share with me the sights you’ve seen? 🙂

HT:  Painting the Memories of Home


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