Hirshman Revisited

Remember Linda Hirshman, and the drama she caused by appearing on Good Morning America and saying that well-educated women who choose to stay home with children are betraying Womanhood?

It looks like Ms. Hirshman has responded to the uproar of mommybloggers and other mad moms as well, and finds "religious fundamentalism" at the core of disagreement to her cause.  Hmmm. 

Spunky Homeschool blogs about Hirshman's response, and responds on her own accord with The Wrath of Stay-at-Home-Moms.  Here's an excerpt (I'm sure you'll see how Spunky earned her nickname!):

     As elite educated women, we've betrayed the cause. We've stopped reading and believing the baseless, self-absorbed feminist philosophy. Instead we've gone back to the Truth and are making the choice to stay home and have a baby. (Maybe even more than one!) And making matters even worse, we're daring enough to tell others the good news too. You may call that "aggressively domestic." I prefer to call it, "fundamentally feminine". And while we're busy raising our children, we're raising a few hard questions of our own. After all, if we don't, who will?

     So preaching the same old tired message of discontent isn't going to work anymore. Unlike generations past, women don't have to rely on the narrow minded media to get the Truth out. Everyday we're publishing mini manifestos of our own. I think you referred to that as a samizdat. Slowly women are catching a vision, one blog at a a time, for what their heart told them was true all along – being a wife and mother is the most lucrative career around.

You may also enjoy reading In This Corner…, a One Beggar's Bread post written by guest author Kari Hannon, comparing 2 prominent female thinkers, Charlotte Mason from times past and Linda Hirshman from the present.


3 thoughts on “Hirshman Revisited

  1. The Spunky excerpt sez

    Unlike generations past, women don’t have to rely on the narrow minded media to get the Truth out. Everyday we’re publishing mini manifestos of our own. I think you referred to that as a samizdat.

    Not really. What Spunky references there is the blogosphere.

    Actually, Hirshman was referring to working women who agreed with her emailing her article amonst themselves.

    I received an e-mail from a reporter. She wanted to write about how working women all over New York had been e-mailing my article from the American Prospect to one another on their office computers. Oh boy. I called her. “What are they saying?” I asked. “They’re saying, ‘At last!’ ” she told me. At last someone is standing up for us.

    I guess working women are too busy at work to blog about their lives and are already on their way to their jobs when “Good Morning America” puts me on at 8 a.m. Maybe a little scared? They’re doing what beleaguered, overworked people do. They’re publishing a manifesto. Using the samizdat of the modern world — e-mail. I don’t know whether e-mail will bring down the regime of “choice, choice” and its allies, the religious advocates of patriarchal marriage. But it didn’t help the Soviet Union when samizdat really got going. And it sure made me feel better.

    Samizdat was the clandestine copying and distribution of government -suppressed literature or other media in Soviet-bloc countries. The idea was that copies were made a few at a time, and anyone who had a copy would make more copies.

    That more closely fits e-mail forwarding, than the blogosphere.

    (On the other hand, Samizdat’s literal translation is “self-published,” which fits the blogosphere. But Hirshman certainly wasn’t referring to the conservative blogosphere with her samizdat remark.)


  2. So, Dave, my understanding of the matter is that even though Hirshman was referring to the working-moms-who-are-her-brand-of-feminist when she says, “They’re publishing a manifesto. Using the samizdat of the modern world — e-mail.” the same principle would apply to the stay-home-moms who are publishing their own “manifestos” via blogging.

    I think that’s all Spunky meant, that if Hirshman called her side’s emails “samizdat,” well, check out the other side’s samizdat, baby.

    The funny thing to me is that Hirshman thinks that ” beleaguered, overworked” women who have no time to express their opinions through blogging are something that SAHM’s should aspire to…no thanks. Sometimes one MUST be so beleagured and overworked, out of necessity — to survive. But honestly, how many of us as children thought to the future with, “I can’t wait to be grown up when I can be so busy and tired and overworked and have little time with my husband or kids or to take care of my house or my ailing in-laws nor enough time to get involved with social or political action even by expressing my opinion via blogging…” Uh, no. Doesn’t sound too attractive to me! But, according to Hirshman, it’s not about women’s choice, it’s not about a particular woman’s happiness or job satisfaction, it’s about bringing down patriarical marriage.

    Oh, and one more thing, in all my years as a stay-home-mom, I have never watched Good Morning America! I only watched Oprah when I had nursing babes — my special treat while I was stuck on the couch for 20 minutes! That whole bon-bons and soap opera idea of SAHMs is silly.

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