Father’s Day

My sweet little boys created prose for their daddy this Father's Day (except for Daniel, he was a stinker and barely signed his name to the Dollar Tree card we purchased).  Mom got the idea for this Father's Day project from Choosing Home and Through the Windowpane, and the boys ran with it. 

I thought I'd post their work here for you…I think you'll agree with the boys (and me!) that Ron is a darn good dad! 

Here's CJ's offering:


In daddy’s hands, he holds our money

In daddy’s hands, he put the fan up in the kitchen

With daddy’s hands, he taught me how to ride a two wheeler bike

In daddy’s hands, he let me shoot a real shotgun

With daddy’s hands, he teaches us teeny tiny stories

With daddy’s hands, he built a tree-house

With daddy’s hands, he built the playroom

With daddy’s hands, he taught me how to play a guitar

In daddy’s hands, he set up the projector to watch movies on the big screen.

With daddy’s hands, he drove us to Boy scouts.

With daddy’s hands, he stood behind me, put his arms around my hands and told me how to swing a base-ball bat.

With daddy’s hands, he through the ball to me and I hit it hard.

In daddy’s hands, he turns the pages of the bible, because he wants us to know more about god.

May daddy’s hands be used to teach people about god.                                                -Christian-


And from Micah:

Micah loves Daddy

(If you'd like to leave comments for the boys on their "blogs," I'm sure they'd love it.)

5 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. These are beautiful. Praise God! What was your husband’s reaction? I read these to our kids. My older daughter thought they were so sweet. Good job capturing your boy’s hearts on paper! May I post these on my blog tomorrow? We’re featuring the Father’s Day letters that were a result of our post! I’d love to hear the story of how you captured these wonderful letters.

    Jill Novak
    The Gift of Family Writing

  2. Jill,
    Absolutely, you may post my guys’ letters on your blog tomorrow. They would be honored!
    My husband’s reaction? He cried, of course! My 8 year old and I had a running “bet” — Christian thought there was no way Dad would cry, I knew he would. Christian himself ended up shedding a few tears 🙂
    Thanks again for the ideas and inspiration. I’m trying to talk hubby into buying your book for us! Hopefully the cute Father’s Day letters helped toward that end — LOL!

  3. Boys?

    You used words, given of God, to affirm and honor and encourage your Daddy! And you made me smile from ear to ear — No better Father’s Day gift than your heart penned through words….

    Thunderous applause, boys!
    Ann V. HE/CH

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