Overheard Daniel

Overheard at our home this week:

With extreme excitement over finding a dime on the ground, Daniel shouts,

"Oh LOOK!  It's a baby quarter!"

– and – 

"Let's get ready to go, Daniel.  We are going to go vote."

"Go VOTE?" he asks with wide eyes, "Are there going to be sharks there?"

(I finally figured out he thought we were going to "go boat!")


4 thoughts on “Overheard Daniel

  1. I told some of my sophomores about Daniel’s “baby quarter” and they all said “Awwww!!” So rumors of your lil’uns cuteness are spreading far and wide…

  2. I absolutely love my grandchildren! – and my daughter for telling me these things. A baby quarter? Go boat? I think I will have a couple of tales to force the young teachers to listen to tomorrow at lunch. Thanks for the post.

  3. So CJ, what are you saying about your mom’s blog? Would she get MORE readers if she told cute CJ stories? I bet she could publish a few just so you wouldn’t feel left out!
    love you all!

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