Thanks for Voting NO on Prop 82


Well, posting links to this article and this one mean I am a day late and a dollar short insofar as helping you decide to vote NO on Prop 82 — I just never got around to posting my thoughts on the Universal Preschool issue.  And what do you know?  Calilfornia voted in good conscience without any prodding from me.  Hmmm. 

The aforementioned article by Diane Flynn Keith of Universal Preschool and Carschooling is still worth reading, as the universal preschool issue is sure to pop up again.  Maybe she'll give you a few more reasons to your list of Why California Should JUST SAY NO to Universal Preschool.

Oh, and while you are at the Universal Preschool website, check out photos of my babies — here and here!  The UNIVERSE is their preschool đŸ™‚


One thought on “Thanks for Voting NO on Prop 82

  1. Not sure about Prop 82. I did not memorize numbers, and have not since Prop 13, which is still giving liberals fits 30 years later. What was prop 82?
    Did you know that they go to a hundred and then start over with proposition numbers? I guess that is knowledge from having lived too long… Anyway I am sure there have been several prop 13s and several prop 82s.
    It might be better to say the preschool initiative (which of course, like anyone with a brain, I voted against.

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