Free Health Care

I came across an interesting article tonight, written by 18-year old high school senior Derek Wallce (staff writer for Virtue Magazine), called An "Offer" You Can't Refuse.  He writes about a new law passed in Mass., pushing us one step closer to Universal Health Care.  He brings up a few points worth considering on this subject. 

One of his main ideas:

"In the end, the taxpayers must foot the bill, as they always do. And in the process, they willingly give up their freedom to the government for the “safety” of knowing the government will take care of them when sick—never mind the long waiting or the rationed treatment or any of the other problems that always appear when government completely controls and runs something."

Worth a read!


One thought on “Free Health Care

  1. Hey, I happened across your blog while looking through Virtue Mag’s “incoming links.” Thanks for the link to my article — I appreciate it very much! I’ve looked through some of your other posts, and you definitely have some interesting stuff here. Keep up the good work.

    : )

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