Al-Qaeda Attacks: 1998-2005

Each morning, I receive a news update in my inbox from The Source Daily.  As I LOATHE watching the evening news, I enjoy receiving an email compilation of World, National, and Christian Headlines, with links for further discovery or research as I desire.

Today's newsletter provided a link (among many other stories and links) to this Flash Presentation, Al-Queda Attacks: 1998-2005.

From The Source Daily's introduction to the video,

"There have been 30 major mass casualty attacks directed against the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Iraq, Morocco, Yemen, Tunisia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and North Osetia. 14 of the 30 attacks were conducted prior to the invasion of Iraq, making claims of the occupation of Iraq as a casus belli for al Qaeda’s terrorism to be disingenuous at best…""

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