Why the World Hates George Bush

Why is there such hatred out there for George Bush?

While pondering this question, I came across an article by Allan Dobras, Why the World Hates George Bush, which brings to the table a very interesting point of view.  Dobras points out that the anger and hostility go beyond disagreements over policy and morph into a passionate nastiness.

If you're a Bush-hater, you'll likely not only disagree with Dobras' conclusions but just may throw a fist through a wall.

All I can say is…food for thought.



2 thoughts on “Why the World Hates George Bush

  1. I haven’t had time to read anything here, or respond, but I do honestly have to ask if you believe what this guy is saying.

    If you do, it would appear to me that you are saying I loathe Bush and doubt the sincerity of his faith because I, myself, lack faith. That he is smelly to me because I hate the smell of the godly.

    Is this what you truly believe?

  2. Eireann,
    In a word, no.
    But, I do think there are some people — a very small (thought very vocal) percentage of the “liberal left” who hate George Bush for the reasons mentioned by Robert Reich in “Bush’s God” and quoted in the article I linked to.
    I think that it is pretty obvious that some people hate Bush simply because they hate the ideas of “promoting the teaching of creationism in public schools, encouraging school prayer, supporting anti-sodomy statutes, banning abortions, barring gay marriage, limiting the use of stem cells, reducing access to contraceptives, and advancing the idea of America as a ‘Christian nation.'” And, I agree with the Catholic Voter Guide that at least some of these issues should be non-negotiables to people of faith.
    I wasn’t thinking of you when I read this article. I was thinking of folk like Michael Moore — the Left Winger “Talking Heads” (are they called “Democrat talking heads” like the Right-wingers are?), the squeakiest of the wheels — at least some of them. SOME people hate Bush simply because of these issues that are moral in nature; some people think Bush’s stands on these issues stink simply because righteousness stinks to them. It is true that the world is supposed to think righteousness is crazy.
    Some people just simply don’t like Bush’s policies — that’s what I liked about this article, though. It pointed out that there is this irrational HATRED for President Bush that goes beyond disagreeing with him or even disliking him. It is an eerie thing. I don’t fully understand it — maybe it really truly stems from the Bush/Gore election drama, maybe that is just it?
    But, anyway, your question is: do I think everyone who hates George Bush is unrighteous? No way. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t see George Bush as the poster child for Flawless Christianity, although I do think he is a decent Christian man.
    And do I think one can’t be Christian and Pro-Choice? No way. Do I think one SHOULD be Christian and Pro-Choice? No way. But, it is God who changes hearts, not my rhetoric.
    I separated this article completely from my post giving my own thoughts because it is not my express opinion — I noticed even the people at BreakPoint put that disclaimer on it, and they are pretty conservative folks!
    Oh, and also there is the question of whether these issues are simply put out there by the Bush administration to encourage religious votes? You asked this about the marriage amendment in an earlier comment. I don’t know. But even if the Bush Administration is doing the right thing for the wrong reason, it beats doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

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