The Divine Calmness of President Bush

Yes, I know I said I was taking a Semana Santa break from blogging, and truly I am!  I just don’t have much to say on this installment of the President Bush Under Examination Series 🙂 so I figured I’d pop it on out there before shutting things down.

My friend’s comment on The Divine Calm of President Bush (read her entire comment here):

“And please don’t mistake his “calmness” for anything other than the fact that he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.”

I’d have to agree with my friend on this one, at least to some degree. It’s not that I don’t think President Bush has any idea of what he’s doing, but sometimes I do wonder if he knows what is going on around him! 

I very much enjoyed the aforementioned article entitled The Divine Calmn of President Bush.  The author, a non-Christian writing from a decidedly secular viewpoint, seems to think that the knowledge that millions of people are lifting up President Bush in prayer, coupled with the fact that Mr. President believes in the power of prayer, make for one very calm, unruffled President.

Is President Bush trusting in the Lord?  Does he simply have no clue?  A mixture of both?  Ah, I don’t know! 

May the Bush Family and your family come to know the Resurrected Christ and think on Him this coming Sunday. 

Have a lovely Easter — SEE YOU NEXT WEEK (if I can be good and stay away…)!

For more of my attempts to address a friend’s issues with President Bush:

I.    Whether or not George W. Bush should be considered Pro-Life (try here as well)

II.   The division of Church and State and what this entails — is Bush violating this amendment?

III. Bush’s Calm Demeanor — does it mean he just doesn’t know what’s going on?

IV.  Whether or not President Bush should be considered a moral man


2 thoughts on “The Divine Calmness of President Bush

  1. I enjoy your posts, daughter. I wonder if you remember that the critics of Reagan used the same ploy- accusing their enemy of stupidity. I still hear the comment about Reagan even today. It is ironic, isn’t it? Clinton, who was never accused of stupidity, burned in flames, declaring that “it all depended on what the meaning of is is”. I cannot honestly think of a more stupid remark.
    I have a feeling that Bush is a lot smarter than you or I, and that he acts quite uniformly with what he sees as his morals. But perhaps that is what really enrages his enemies. I say this having honestly disagreed with the Iraq war, but capitulating to it when I saw his very moral goals- he is trying (and largely suceeding) to bring rational government to a very irrational part of the world.

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