George W. Bush Under Examination

I recently wrote a short little post stating that I am a George W. Bush fan.  I didn’t think the post had much merit, let alone did I think it was controversial.  In fact, the article I linked to caught my eye more for my stance on the Wonderfulness of Masqulinity rather than on the Wonderfulness of Dubya, although one of the reasons I like President Bush is for his masquline nature.

Two darling sisters, old friends of mine, left comments about the dreadful character of our president — comments that surprised me in their depth of passion.   You can read the comments in their entirety here

I would like to spend this next week or two investigating George W. Bush, politics, God, and the United States of America.  My research won’t be as in-depth or time consuming as I’d like, as I do have Easter and Passover and company coming soon, not to mention my precious boys to spend time with, a husband to love on, and a household to manage.  I thought I’d share with you a few posts to show what’s going on in my head, what discoveries or revelations I find.  Please feel free to add your 2 cents to the discussion — I really am no political expert and would relish others’ opinions on these subjects.

Following the gals’ comments, I’d like to investigate and address the following topics: 

I.    Whether or not George W. Bush should be considered Pro-Life and here

II.   The division of Church and State and what this entails — is Bush violating this amendment?

III. Bush’s Calm Demeanor — does it mean he just doesn’t know what’s going on?

IV.  Whether or not President Bush should be considered a moral man

V.    Whether or not the republican party used the Marriage Amendment as a ploy to get voters

I hope The Sisters and others will join in this investigation. 


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