Catholics, Dubya, and Abortion

I was so impressed with the Catholics this past Presidential Election.  Apparently, many Catholic Churches handed out this Voter's Guide — a Catholic friend emailed me a copy.  The Voter's Guide was a call to Catholics to vote their faith. 

It seems over the past few years, many Catholics have voted for the pro-abortion candidates because they liked the other social or economic policies of the candidate, and The Church hasn't had much to say about it. 

This Voter's Guide called people of faith to sincerely consider the 5 Non-Negotiables, 5 actions that are "intrinsically evil and should never be promoted by law."

How do you think George W. stands on these 5 non-negotiables?

I.  Abortion

II.  Euthanasia

III.  Embryonic Stem Cell Research

IV. Human Cloning

V. Homosexual "Marriage"

While researching George W. Bush's Pro-Life stance today, I read an interesting little article by a Catholic gal, written at the time of the Presidential Election called Is George W. Bush Pro-Life if He Supports the War in Iraq?  I can't say that I disagree with much of what was written here, even her ideas on the death penalty are worth considering.Interesting stuff.


2 thoughts on “Catholics, Dubya, and Abortion

  1. “pro-abortion candidates”?????? i have NEVER heard any candidate say they were “PRO-ABORTION”! pro-CHOICE yes, but pro-abortion??? what was their campaign headline, “YEAH LETS KILL SOME BABIES!”?? remember deb, “please argue responsibly”….

  2. Sionnan,
    I totally see your point with saying that a Pro-Choice person doesn’t see abortion as the focus, but rather the woman’s choice as the focus (although the woman’s choice that is the primary issue of the pro-choice platform is whether or not to have an abortion).
    Maybe you can see why it hurts to call George Bush a murderer because he is pro-Iraq war? It isn’t taking into account his motivations and explanations for being there. At least I haven’t read any campaign headlines, “Yeah, Let’s Go Kill Some Innocent Iraqi Civilians!”
    I probably shouldn’t comment this late at night, I may regret it in the morning! 🙂

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