Yippee for WordPress!

I just moved all my old posts over from Blogger — and Word Press made it completely painless to do!

Couldn't be more impressed with WordPress!  Thank you, WordPress!


3 thoughts on “Yippee for WordPress!

  1. It was so stinkin’ easy.
    After I opened a new blog, it asked if I wanted to move stuff over from another blog. I told it I was from Blogger. It asked for my Blogger name and password, and then moved everything over!
    It did not move sidebar stuff over, only all the posts and comments. But, it kept the posts formatted just the way I had it.
    You are so much more computer saavy than me, it may not be a good move for you. I had never really figured out my sidebar, how to do categories, stuff like that. I don’t think you can tweak templates here on WordPress — but maybe you can and I just don’t know how. But they make so many more options available to computer un-saavy folk like me — like all the sidebar options — sooooooooooo easy.
    It’s different than Blogger. I definitely like it better for me.
    One other difference, they don’t allow adsense and such. They delete folks who use a blog as an advertisement/spam.
    Oh, they also keep track of all your blog stats for you — charts, what webpage people clicked over from, what search engines you were found in. They also send out pings for you to Technorati and Google everytime you update your blog. It’s pretty cool! I’m excited to learn more about it.

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