Resurging Church

Marc Driscoll is a Resurging Church kind of guy.

A few months ago, I stumbled onto Mark Driscoll’s blog – right at its inception. His first few posts summed up my thoughts in a way I never could. Driscoll is part of a movement in Christianity that emphasizes the solid ground of the biblical theology along with a fresh missiology (or servanthood) to the world. Mars Hill Church is a fun family church that is led by the Spirit and grounded in the Word. They watch new hip movies together -inviting the community — and discuss the movie afterwards. They have excellent worship that blends new songs and hymns. They are strong on the inerrancy of scripture and the differing roles of men and women women in the Church. They don’t shy away from preaching about sin. They aren’t scared of breaking from tradition to try new ideas.
I have found this same combination — missional and yet scriptural Christianity – occurring in other arenas of Christianity, and it excites me greatly!

For myself, the jury is still out on The Emerging Church — there’s good, bad, ugly and wonderful mixed up in that animal — but I am thoroughly excited about The Resurging Church Movement.

From Driscoll’s first blog post, Since that time I have frankly not known what my place is in the greater church. I am part of no denomination and in a city where the evangelical heterosexual male pastors could have a meeting in a phone booth. Theologically I am an old school Bible-thumper, and culturally I am a progressive because my heart burns for the church to be an effective missionary to the culture for the gospel.”


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