Presidential Manliness Under Scrutiny

My husband sent me a link last week to Man Overboard from The Washington Post. Journalist Ruth Marcus has “a new theory about what’s behind everything that’s wrong with the Bush administration.” Are you ready for this? It’s “manliness!”

Whether you are conservative or liberal, whether you are supportive of President Bush and his policies or hateful of them or somewhere in between, I think we can all agree that George W. Bush is a masquline male.

There are plenty of President Bush’s policies that I don’t favor — for example, he is too into “big government” for me, and No Child Left Behind just doesn’t make sense. But President Bush is a likeable, respectable, trustworthy guy, and I think part of this is because he is a Man — with a Capital M! And he is not only a true man, but a true man who has surrendered to Jesus Christ. President George W. Bush is a good man. He has my respect.

(Follow Up:  My attempt to address concerns expressed in Comments can be accessed here )


11 thoughts on “Presidential Manliness Under Scrutiny

  1. Dubya does seem like a regular type guy, someone you could hoist a brew with at a bar (except he doesn’t drink anymore, or something). He is a decent man, I think.

  2. Oh Debbie, please tell me you didn’t just say that.

    Name for me five, oh no, wait…ONE thing that this president has done that is truly in line with any of Jesus’ teachings in the Scriptures. Just one.

  3. Eireann,
    You sweet thing! You crack me up.
    For the record, I don’t think George W. Bush walks on water. I won’t go out and buy a Jesus Fish with BUSH inscribed (how sacreligious is that one!). I woudn’t marry him, I wouldn’t want him as my pastor, I don’t even want to be like him when I grow up.
    But I do think he is saved by the blood of Christ, and I think he is where he is because God wants him there, and that God is using him for good – to bring a little bit of Christianity back to the forefront of American society, if nothing else. I have read Bush’s personal testimony and I read a couple books awhile back about his faith in God – one was about his faith journey and the other was writings and speeches he has made about things important to Christians. President Bush is not in the same place as me in his journey, but in fact, he has had an altogether different journey with many events and people and politics and philosophies and theology shaping who he is today. These books helped me to “get into his head” a bit and understand his heart – and I liked him the more for it.
    I totally respect him as an individual and as President of our country.
    I love the fact that Bush gives glory to God for his deliverance from drinking. I love the fact that Bush is a man of prayer, who says he won’t make decisions without praying about them. I love that he is not afraid to mention God and Jesus Christ – something our country’s leaders have shied away from for the past few decades. I love that George W. Bush is a husband of one wife – that he leaves his interns untouched, you might say. I love how much he loves and lifts up his wife (isn’t she is the best thing that ever happened to him, besides finding Jesus?).
    As far as Christ-likeness? I guess I would say the biggest ways George has been Christ-like in his public administration have been passing the ban on partial birth abortion (Jesus discouraged murder and the Bible strongly encourages parents to love their children – partial birth abortion is a hideous form of infanticide). I like the fact that Bush has encouraged faith-based initiatives – Jesus encouraged us believers to feed the poor, not wait for the government to do it. I like the fact that Bush declares war on Moral Relevance – I am so sick of political correctness and the Religion of Tolerance – it is so wonderful to hear our country’s leadership using words like “right” “wrong” “good” and “evil,” not to mention “Jesus.” George Bush has done right by our Lord in trying to keep marriage defined as between a man and a woman – not only does God explicitly decree marriage as such, but this dismissal of God’s definition of marriage WILL lead to the downfall of our nation.
    I think George Bush shows a Christian heart in his decisions about September 11th (protecting us, acknowledging evil, defining right and wrong) . I like that Bush has confronted evil in the Middle East — in Iraq (Doesn’t Jesus want us to confront evil and protect the innocent?) I even think that the No Child Left Behind policy was done out of compassion for every child in our country (Jesus said let the little children come to me).
    Do I think George W. Bush has made the wisest decisions? Do I like his economic policies? Do I think the war in Iraq has been handled the very best way possible? Do I like the increase in spending or the bigger government that Bush is into? Do I think that No Child Left Behind actually helps anyone? On most days, I would answer these questions with an emphatic no. Really, I think George Bush is a Democrat with morals. I am not really a Republican (I’m a Crunchy Con, yeah!), but I am NOT into big government or moving towards socialism, so I have plenty of bones to pick with our president over political choices.
    But I think that George W. Bush has his heart in the right place. And as far as a president goes, I would want someone in leadership who protects unborn children and marriage and our national security – these issues to me far outweigh economic and educational decisions.
    Don’t know if that helps you see where I am coming from. Maybe someday I can research and analyze this more and write a post on it.
    Thanks for asking tough questions to keep me thinking 🙂

  4. Oh, just wanted to add — like I mentioned in the post, I like that President Bush is MANLY, and not wimpy! I like that he is decisive and goal-oriented.
    I ALSO really like his calmness, inner strength, and confidence.
    I came across this humorous secular article not too long ago called The Divine Calm of George W. Bush, which mentions Bush's religious beliefs and the millions of Christians praying for him. It ends with:
    "I don't know about you, but if I had 2.8 million people advertising the fact that they were praying for my well-being every day—and, to boot, if I actually believed that prayer worked—I'd feel pretty damned relaxed, too.

  5. Ok there is way too much here to touch on but…..

    “As far as Christ-likeness? I guess I would say the biggest ways George has been Christ-like in his public administration have been passing the ban on partial birth abortion (Jesus discouraged murder and the Bible strongly encourages parents to love their children – partial birth abortion is a hideous form of infanticide).”

    How in the world can you believe he is Pro-Life??? If you are Pro-Life you must be PRO-LIFE (as my wonderfully brilliant older sister said)!! that does not mean you can only be pro-AMERICAN-fetuses! what about all the innocent fetuses, born babies, children, women, men, animals, etc that are being killed daily in IRAQ and the rest of the world?!? what about them? how can you REALLY believe anything bush says about wanting to save lives when he is destroying them left and right?? and then to say he has been “Christ-like”?? no no no no no!!! more like just the complete opposite!

    He’s a moral man? He leaves his interns untouched? Are you kidding me?? Now I don’t agree with Clinton having an affair but really, what does that have anything to do with being a president? Now you’re making it sound like you think Clinton is immoral JUST because he had an affair… that that’s basically how one is judged on BEING moral. Yes, true, bush hasn’t had, or hasnt been caught at least, having an affair… but how is HE a moral man??? Who cares if he totally and completely LIES to the American people, wiretaps American homes, cuts our civil rights, ignores the Constitution, sends innocent men and women into harms way for his own family greed, FLIPS OFF television cameras… as long as he doesnt have an affair, that’s what really matters. unbelievable.

    *And please don’t mistake his “calmness” for anything other than the fact that he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.*

    What in the world ever happened to the division of church and state? remember that little detail of the amendments?? at the rate this so called wonderful “president” is going, id put my money on the state anyday, because if he represents the church and has blinded people following him thinking thats what church is, it makes me sick to my stomach and i want nothing to do with it.

    Please know that I am in no way attacking YOU personally, only your argument that what this man says is the truth. God said to beware of false prophets- it’s by their *fruit* that they should be judged… his fruits show nothing but lying, scheming, murding and hatred. Don’t judge him by his WORDS, he is not showing anyone that he lives a God fearing life, he’s doing nothing but simply paying Him lip service.

  6. Sionnan,
    How exciting for me that you commented on my blog! I had no idea you ever stopped by! How are the wedding plans coming? Our kids still talk about Chris being such a fun trampoline-jumper and wonder when he'll come play with them…and as I write this, Micah found comments from you on his "blog" — you made his day!
    I think it is incredible that you are referring to your sister as "wonderfully brilliant!" I get warm fuzzies thinking of the two of you getting to be good friends and realizing the gold mine you have in each other!
    As far as the rest of your comment…I am DEEPLY saddened by the hatred and bitterness I read, and doubly so because I truly think you have been lied to….I know that will hurt your feelings to hear me say that, but I mean it.
    I read a book not long ago that made the lies very clear to me — written by a pro-choice, feminist lesbian — called The Death of Right and Wrong. The author's name is Tammy Bruce, and I would love it if you and your sis read this book and let me know what you think. Tammy provides an insider viewpoint (she was once president of L.A.'s chapter of NOW and has been a journalist and radio host for years) on how the "liberal left" (especially media) has distorted truth and brought hatred as a mantra to the masses — and how the squeaky wheels of the Democratic Party truly don't reflect the majority of Democrats.  She is an amazing woman with a distinct point of view.  I would LOVE to hear what you think of this book.
    I would also love to dialog with you on some of the points you brought up in your comments, maybe one at a time, as individual posts, over the next few weeks. Please comment back, and leave your thoughts as to logical holes in my thinking. I would love it if you would also promise to consider that there may be more to the story than what you have heard so far.
    Please remember that I am not defending Bush as I would Jesus. Bush is a fallible man, he has issues and is no where close to perfect. That said, I FIRMLY disagree with you that he can be characterized as a man of "lying, scheming, murdering, and hatred." These are the things I would encourage you to think more deeply about, to hear other sides of the stories, to consider the sources of what you have heard.  And I will continue to welcome new information you lead me to, especially if it is grounded in facts and logic.
    Oh, and though I haven't read it yet, Tammy Bruce's new book also looks promising, The New American Revolution.

  7. Hmmm. So, I wrote a draft post about George Bush being pro-life…Sionnan, are you OK with me quoting you in the post?

  8. Unfortunately, Debbie, that was not a response to my sister’s comment. You failed to address any of the issues that she brought up. There are a number of books written by people from all points on the political spectrum, and anyone can find anything that says anything at all. Including that George W. Bush is a Christian. The Bible, however, gives us strict standards “by their fruit you shall know them.”

    My sister is pointing out the fruit of George W. Bush’s administration. Saying that she’s been lied to does nothing but call her intelligence and logical capabilities into question, without giving any weight to your argument. Calling your opponent’s intelligence into question is no way to prove your point in a debate. Perhaps it works, but it is certainly not the high road. Why not address her concerns specifically, using facts (i.e., the actual actions of the adminstration, as opposed to rhetoric)? It would certainly give your case more credit.

    For example, George W. Bush and the Republican party “used” gay marriage as a platform upon which to gather the base of their party and bring out the vote. Once a second term was assured, there has been little to no mention of the amendment Bush said was a major issue of his administration. So, was the anti-gay marriage rhetoric sincere, or a political move based on polling data that confirmed the base of conservatives would be more likely to vote if this were an issue the president addressed?

    And etc.

  9. Hey there, Eireann.
    I have LOTS of response for your sister — maybe you missed in my comment where I said I’d like to take the points one by one and put them back out on the “real” blog. After I said that, I realized I need to ask Sionnan’s permission to do that, and left a second comment asking for her permission.
    I am pretty busy this week, and I’d like to give sincere thought to each of your sister’s points — not just quickie answers, so I think I’ll only do one point every few days.
    The first point I chose was on whether or not Bush is “pro-life,” and whether or not he is destroying life left and right in Iraq and the rest of the world. This post is already written, waiting for an okay from sis to publish it.
    My response wasn’t intended to be an argument, but simply letting her know that I will be responding.
    I DON’T doubt yours or your sister’s intelligence. I wouldn’t be surprised if both of you have I.Q.s in the genius range!! That doesn’t change the fact that we as human beings can be lied to and misled, myself included in that group.
    I need to think about each thing separately and thoroughly, so please be patient with my responses. I am no political expert, and don’t have all the facts and statistics just waiting at the tip of my tongue. I need to research, read, and pray about each point you guys are bringing up — and I do have a few other tasks on my to-do lists these days (ones that are frankly lots more fun than researching abortion and the war in Iraq and George Bush). I’ll add the gay marriage comment you just made to my list of points to ponder.
    If you are pretty sure your sis won’t mind me putting her comments on a real post, please advise 🙂

  10. Alright, gals. I went ahead and posted my first response (and I may post a few more links that just wouldn’t fit into that post). If Sionnan hates the fact that I posted a quote from her comments, let me know and I’ll try to figure out a way to edit it out.

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