A Woman’s Place is in the Office

Are you a competent, educated woman? Then according to Linda Hirschman, a prominent feminist thinker, you are above being "just a mom."
Apparently irritated at the large numbers of highly educated women who are intending to forgo careers over being "just" wives and mommas, Hirchman has spent quite a bit of time and energy arguing that "feminism has largely failed in its goals." Here's to more failure of this brand of feminism.
You can read all about Hirschman's recent appearance on Good Morning America here.
Al Mohler's take on it all? "These women [stay-at-home moms] not 'letting down the team.' To the contrary, they are holding civilization together where civilization begins–in the home."


2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Place is in the Office

  1. Nice connection between this posting and the one about Steyn!

    Clearly though it is not enough to have lots of children who buy into the consumerist-entertainme-hypeitup-fluff- christianity!

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