Teens Rock!

I was visiting The Rebelution site this morning, in eager anticipation of the conference coming up next weekend (which is SOLD OUT by the way — I hope you already purchased your tickets!) and came across this awesome site:


This new movement, largely directed by those of the teenage-persuasion, has this as part of its vision statement:

Regenerate Our Culture is an organization with the goal of regenerating our nation’s worldview away from the post-modernism holding it and back to the Christian worldview it was first built on.

Ah, yes. This is the answer to the questions posed by the emerging church movement, I believe. While I do believe it is time for Modernism to get the right foot of fellowship out of the doors of our churches, I just don’t see embracing post-modernism as the answer. Reformation, going back to the scriptures, learning from historical Christianity, transforming our lives so they are lived out through a Christian Worldview — this is the direction we ought to be headed.

The “kids” over at Regenerating Our Culture seem to have this very idea in mind. And the fact that they are so young means their message should be vibrant, full of life and EDGY… kinda like the Bible, actually 🙂

I hope you check them out!


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