Join the Rebelution!

My husband and I have always had an interest in young people. We met while on volunteer staff with Young Life and spent the first 10 years of our marriage in youth ministry together. One of the reasons we felt drawn to youth ministry was the idea that young people aren't as "messed up yet" or as set in their ways as their adult counterparts, and that it is therefore easier to get them started on the right path toward a healthy, successful life of deep, abiding relationship with Christ.

We just didn't realize quite how much young people are capable of…we set our sights too low.

And we didn't realize what an important role parents play in their children's future well-being — not only whether children come to Christ but how richly the children will end up living for Christ and how well they will be able to sustain healthy friendships and marriages and reach others for Christ. (How could we have missed the importance of parents? Uh, I'm really not sure.)

One thing leads to another, and the birth of our first child brought the first stirrings of change in our minds and hearts. These stirrings led to several years of slow change, which in turn led to a paradigm-shift of thinking regarding young people.

The Rebelution Tour is coming to the Sacramento area (north of Auburn), this March 11th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The teen boy speakers and their father truly epitomize the standard of teen living we have come to see as normal Christianity. (Ahem, that's "normal" according to scripture, not "normal" meaning what is average today).

I highly recommend this tour to teens, parents of teens, grandparents of teens, single adults, and parents of someday-teens.

I am praying and hoping, and praying and hoping, and praying and hoping for Reformation in The Church, and it tickles me pink that God could use teens as part of this movement!

From the Rebelution Tour's Website:

What is the Rebelution?

–It's a movement among Christian youth from around the world to throw off the shackles of low cultural expectations.
–It's a cry for young people to return to historic levels of Christian character and competence.
–It's a network of young men and women who are mutually committed to glorifying God by "doing hard things" in their teen years.
–It's a reformation by those who recognize the biblical commandment to use the teen years, not as a vacation from responsibility, but as the launching pad for all of life.
Check out the Harris boys' blog!


2 thoughts on “Join the Rebelution!

  1. Dear Deborah,

    Thank you for dedicating an entire post to the promotion of our conference! Your gracious words blessed us, thank you!

    Are we right to assume that you live in the Sacramento, California area?

    Soli Deo Gloria,
    Brett Harris

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