Homosexuality and The Emerging Church

This just snagged from the A-Team’s blog:

“The Mark Driscoll-Brian McLaren Throwdown, Round 1”

“If you thought this blog was rough, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Emergent leader Brian “The Godfather” McLaren recently posted this article about homosexuality, to which Mark “The Pistol” Driscoll fired back with a very unrestrained comment, which was posted here. Various reactions to the Driscoll-McLaren Throwdown have sprung up around the blogosphere, with Andrew Jones and Steve McCoy leading the way. So, who wants to get in on the betting action? I got ten bucks that says Driscoll knocks McLaren out in the eleventh round. Boo-yah.”

Also found this link to Douglas Wilson’s response to McLaren.

It is nice to see people reacting to this and disscusing the topic with some spunk…
There is still life in The Body — I was worried we were all asleep!

5 thoughts on “Homosexuality and The Emerging Church

  1. You’ve got a winner here!
    I fully agree with Pastor Discoll when he said:
    “Lastly, for the next 5-10 years you are hereby required to white out 1 Peter 3:15 which says “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” from your Bible until further notice from McLaren because the religious right forget the gentleness and respect part and the religious left forgot the answer the question part.”

    This is true not just to answer the homosexual but the liar and the gossip as well. The church (me) has failed to find the ground between gentleness and respect and being willing to speak God’s word without fear.

    My prayer is that we learn how to “speak truth with love” – with the desire not to destroy or tear down but with the heart of submission and a tongue that builds up the other person.

  2. I had a very fine time reading your posting and following most of the links. The last one was right one. I have known pastors for many years and there are very few that I know that do not genuinely express kindness and sympathy to all the lost. It is as the last post refers to the gay militant groups, and the in your face gay theology that sometimes bring the combative comments to the surface. We do live in a very wicked society and our job is to be the salt of the earth. Speak your truth in love.

  3. A few follow-up links to this post:

    A Great Comment left by a clear biblical thinker who has been there/done that in regard to homosexuality

    A nice little analyisis of the conversation over at Rock, Paper, Dynamite

    Both of these comments use a lot of words to echo what Mr. D said in above comments: most pastors are very kind and loving in the way they treat the lost (in this case, those trapped in homosexuality), and it is not that homosexuality is the main thing in the Bible, but Christians have been FORCED to react with biblical standards to society’s treatment of this issue (making it a virtue and a right)

  4. The McLaren quote: “You can guess what the question was about: not transubstantiation, not speaking in tongues, not inerrancy or eschatology, but where our church stood on homosexuality.”

    Bible does take a stand on “homosexuality.” It defines sinful behavior. “Sexuality” is a modern word that sidesteps the issue of behavior. We who define “homosexuality” as behavior crash into they who define it as an “orientation,” whatever that means.

    “What! You hate them because of who they love?!”

    “Who are you to sit in judgement just because of who someone is attracted to?!”

    Eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear.

    Is it possible to speak to foreigners in their own language? Does their language even permit of the truth one hopes to convey?

    From my experience in comics fandom, we of the Christian sub-set. Before we go forth to the comic book convention, when the prayer gets to Kevin, he always prays, “Lord, keep our own sinful natures at bay as we reach out to others for Christ; May the only offense we give be the offense of the cross; we don’t want to add any offense of our own on top of that.”

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