Calling All Dads!

I received an email notice today that Family Life did 2 radio programs on daddies leading family worship. I'm listening to them right now, and they sound great so far!
Ron and I have come across many statistics lately revealing the number one factor in having kids that follow Christ is dad leading his children in some type of family worship. Back in the Pilgrim or Puritan days, a father could be whipped for not leading his family in daily devotions — yikes! All whips put aside, I sure hope God moves in the hearts of men to turn their hearts back to Him and back to their wives and children.
We wives and children hunger for spiritual food from our men.


3 thoughts on “Calling All Dads!

  1. Hey there! It’s Tonya – just wanted to mention that I absolutely agree this is so important in the raising of our children. We have family worship – it helps that my husband is a musician and plays the guitar! But it always blesses me when I sit there and watch my children worship the very One who has woed me over and over in my life. I pray that as they worship this God now as children, that they will develop a deep and abiding relationship with Him as adults. Remembering all the promises, the precepts, the Truth in the songs they sang so vibrantly to Him as children.

  2. Hey Deborah, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you are enjoying it. Feel free to link up to my post on the emergent church.

    Pax Christi,

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