Theology From A Bunch of Dead Guys!

I stumbled onto this site of Phil Johnson’s today, and it is a hoot!

From the introductory page:

A FRIEND who noticed my reading habits asked, “Why would anyone want to study theology by reading A Bunch of Dead Guys? Shouldn’t you focus mostly on current works, or risk becoming an irrelevant theological fossil?”My answer: the truth about God is timeless. The last infallible book of theology was written nearly two thousand years ago. In theology, if it’s new, it probably isn’t true.The best of the men featured here knew that. Though they are dead, they still speak (cf. Heb. 11:4). Scripture was their supreme rule of faith. Their theological line of descent is clearly traceable from the Reformers, to Augustine, to the Apostle Paul, to Isaiah, to Abraham—all the way back to the first promise God made to Adam in the Garden (Gen. 3:15).

This site is informative and fun, especially for a light intro into Church History (Warning — the information is from a Calvinist point of view). The site owner provides a little map with caricatures or pictures of specific dead guys. You can navigate your way down the map — but be careful! Too far to the left or the right and you’ll find yourself in theological trouble! The site also provides links to follow under each of these people groups, for further study or enlightenment 🙂 You may explore a page of links to different creeds, catechisms, and confessions.

Phil Johnson makes learning theology from a bunch of dead guys feel like browsing!


4 thoughts on “Theology From A Bunch of Dead Guys!

  1. It was a warning to my pops, who is feeling pretty anti-calvinist these days, even though I don’t think he is as anti-calvinist as he feels. 🙂
    And to others…who should probably understand where Johnson is coming from.
    Johnson is Calvinist, but I THINK he is a Dispensationalist Calvinist.

  2. Men of God can be living or dead. God’s word is unchangable. Culture and fashion are changable. So people who are filled with the Holy Spirit have living words to share with us. People who follow trends in the gospel or anything else leaves a person cold and longing for the fire.

    It really makes no difference whether the person dwelled on earth yesterday or a hundred years ago! Actually – your dad is probably more of a Calvinist than I am.

    I’ve seen men and women who have been hounded by God and pressured with love or stress and still fight to keep from surrendering their will to God.

    In the last days, the Bible says that even with the disasters and diseases that run rampent people still wont believe. Some will believe and refuse the mark of the Beast. Is that free will or predestination?

  3. Hey mom!
    Thanks for commenting.
    I think that Phil Johnson is saying the same thing as you: theology (from dead or live guys, recent or ancient) needs to be grounded in scripture. I think he is just warning about “evolving” theology when he says “if it’s new it probably isn’t true,” not that people today can’t discuss theology or share ideas from scripture. He’s obviously sharing his own ideas on his website…

    I think the idea that people fight to keep from surrendering their will to God is a basic tenet of Calvinism — I can’t think of what it’s called, but basically we are all so gross we won’t ever want God on our own. God can do many wonders and signs and people can barely flutter an eyelash — or, have an emotional response but not give their lives to Him. What is it that causes faith in Christ? I think the Bible says its a gift.

    But the Bible also clearly states that we are responsible for our own sin, responsible OURSELVES for our lack of desire for God.

    So, there ya go, its both.

    I guess I was just surprised to find that “Calvinism” doesn’t let go of free will, but the bigger free will doctrines (like Arminianism) do let go of God’s sovereignty. That’s what made me realize I was more “Calvinist” than I thought — I realized being Calvinist is being Biblisist (not hyper-Calvinist, and not even necessarily TULIP, just believing God is sovereign over all and all things are in His hand and control)

    Well, the boys are ready for me so I’d better go!

    Love ya!

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