Resources on Figuring out Feminism

Oh. If only I didn't have a husband and kids to minister to, perhaps I would have more time and a less-cluttered brain to sit down and do something really important — like blog about feminism in the church! 🙂
Really, I am working on Parts 2 through at-least-4 of the Unwitting Feminism series. I keep jumping around between them — and none of them is able to stand alone as a post at this point. Hopefully I won't end up posting them all at once!
Besides, it is amusing to just check back and read everyone's incredible comments. Dad and Danielle have already stolen my thunder on a few words of wisdom. And George, though I agree with a lot of your assessment of things, I think "feminism" and its spread throughout society and the church is more men's fault than women's! And I think that feminism has done nothing but harm to both sexes.
It's been fun to think about everything you ALL had to say so far — thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Before I get to the next controversial "real" post, here are some resources for you. All of these books or websites come from a pretty conservative, but very biblical standpoint. I would challenge you to look at any of these sources (with a Bible on your lap) and see what you think!

Books I have yet to Read that Look Great:
The Feminist Mistake by Mary Kassian
Review of The Feminist Mistake by Tim Challies (this review is worth the read)
Roger of The A Team interviews Mary Kassian (includes a link to read the first chapter
of this book online)
The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott

Websites with lots of articles:
Patriarch Magazine
Ladies Against Feminism
The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Family Ministries

Books I have found helpful over the past few years:

Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson
Family Man, Family Leader by Philip Lancaster
The Way Home and All The Way Home (the 2nd is "way" better) by Mary Pride
Created to Be His Help-Meet by Debi Pearl
The Fruit of Her Hands: Respect and the Christian Woman by Nancy Wilson
On the Other Side of the Garden: Biblical Womanhood for Today's World by Virginia Fugate

A lot of these resources will seem odd and extreme in light of most of the other stuff out there these days.
At first, I even threw Reforming Marriage to the floor — it made me so mad! But I can't get past the biblical wisdom from many of these authors. Not that I agree with EVERYTHING each of them has to say, either. I am just so tired of explaining away scripture verses — it has been refreshing to read books written by those who take the Bible for what it plainly says. These authors and people who live this way have drawn me into investigating Reform Theology (although they are not ALL Reform, Debi Pearl and Reb Bradley of Family Ministries are assuredly NOT Reform).
If you've read any of these books/articles, I'd love to hear what you think.


6 thoughts on “Resources on Figuring out Feminism

  1. Mama,

    1. Men have most definitely contributed to the growth of feminism in the same way that Eve was not protected by Adam.

    2. You are right in warning your readers that the texts you offer can “extreme”, especially when compared to what is widely available.

    3. I agree it is difficult to articulate what one thinks using the written word. Like someone once said, “It makes a man precise”.

  2. Reforming Marriage made you mad? I loved that book! … I think it gives a good overall representation of biblical standards and such really…

    What didn’t you like?

  3. Oh, no, Miroslav, don’t get me wrong! I LOVED Reforming Marriage.
    It’s just that I see reading that book as a turning point for me, turning away from what I see as feminism in my heart. And it was hard to turn away!
    The place where I threw down the book was where he talks about the woman being created FOR the man (in a marriage situation), and that she is supposed to live for HIS vision. I am such a visionary, and the scripture verses on this are just so clear –I am supposed to be Ron’s helper, not running off on my own visions! Ron and I have often had the SAME vision, which has made our lives easy and agreeable (it helped that we both met and stayed in youth ministry for so long). But to think of putting my MAIN energy to Ron, into helping HIM obtain God’s vision — it was hard for me to give up. When Ron came home the night I read this part, I was crying and said, “I want to be a man!” He hugged me tight and said, “No, honey, you don’t want to be a man, you want me to be a man.”
    And things have changed a lot around here since then — not really in actions as much as in ways of thinking, ya know?
    So, Reforming Marriage was a very difficult and yet FREEING book for me. I think the author is sensible and biblical (and a little too sarcastic, but I could get past that). He puts ALL the responsibility on the men. I know Miroslav and Woman of Faith are against that somewhat, but I really LOVE the idea and think we need more of it in the church. Women, of course, still answer directly to the Lord, but all throughout scripture the man (husband or father) is held accountable for those in his charge. And those in his charge suffer the consequences of HIS sin, too. It doesn’t seem fair, but it seems fairly accurate!
    Anyway, I should save this stuff for a post.

    I LOVE REFORMING MARRIAGE. We lent it to you and few other trusted friends to see if we were crazy for liking it 😉

  4. wait wait wait…

    ‘I know Miroslav … is … against that somewhat’


    No. I thought the book was a great book. I thought it does a great job exploring scriptural commands for what a marriage should look like.

    Not sure where you are getting the idea that I’d disagree with anything in there…

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