Post-Christian America

Do you know who Albert Mohler is? I didn’t until today.

While checking some of my favorite blogs today, Mohler showed up on two of them — one remarked that he would be on Larry King Live to discuss the gay cowboy movie, Brokeback Mountain, and the other to a link where Mohler discusses a recent inspiring and empowering sermon of John Piper’s.

Poking around his website, I found an article entitled Transforming Culture: Christian Truth Confronts Post-Christian America that puts into words some of the reasons I have felt frustrated with society and helpless to change it. Our society has changed as much as an entire “civilization” in the past 50-60 years.

Mohler’s message is one of stating the facts and encouraging Christians to do what they are called to do.

A few passages from the article:

Looking within, Americans have adopted a therapeutic worldview which has transformed all issues of right and wrong into newly created categories of authenticity, self esteem, codependencies, and various psychological fads which basically tell us that we are victims, not responsible moral agents. A cult of self-worship has developed, substituting a search for the inner child in place of the worship of the transcendent God.

Isn’t this the truth! And it is so difficult for me to know how to respond to people who think this way. When you bring up sin, you feel as though you are guilty of picking on someone for being sick. And in a way, you are — but the Bible clearly states that men are gulity of this sickness of sin and must repent. There are ways to soften the truth, sometimes, but as my 7 year old is fond of saying, “Truth Hurts.”

The displacement of the Church is characteristic of the process of secularization, which has now so thoroughly altered the landscape of American culture. Though sociologists point to continuing high levels of religious activity and statements of belief–both of these in sharp contrast to other western nations–the truth is that very little of this activity translates into authentic discipleship, active church membership, and bold Christian witness.

An interesting comment on where we as Christians stand in America.
Religious, but not authentic, active, and bold.

The truths of God’s Word reveal the Gospel of spiritual transformation, and the proclamation of the truths of God’s Word is the only means available to us of cultural transformation. From beginning to end, it is all in God’s hands. We are called to faithful witness and compassionate ministry. In the context of post-Christian America, our task is to preach the Gospel and to proclaim the truths of God’s Word. As the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church, the Gospel is foolishness to those seeking wisdom and a scandal to those looking for power. To the redeemed, however, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Here is found the only genuine transformation. Therein is found our charge.

Mmm. Good reminders. The rest of the article is worth a read.
I think I’ll be back for more of Albert Mohler’s writings. It seems like he has good stuff to say!


2 thoughts on “Post-Christian America

  1. MTTSA-
    I read the article you linked. It is good. As I sit here wondering about the term that I have long seen “Post Christian America”. I think there is much virtue in naming America such; there are many problems also. In 1981, Time Magazine proclaimed America the year of the evangelical. We elected that president, and now we elected the present president. The Supreme Court seems about to retreat somewhat from it’s sinful proclamation about abortion. Etc. Etc.
    But while I reject that term, post Christian America I haven’t thought of another one until now. How about pre Christ America? He is coming, and as the hippie Christian bumpersticker used to say, “Boy, is He pissed!” We are indeed at the shift of a new age, and those left in America will begin to worship. The problem is that much judgment and chastizing will happen before we see it.

  2. Dad,
    I just had to laugh at your bumpersticker, as I have feminism on the brain these days.
    I’ve often seen(usually around Davis or the Bay Area) a bumpersticker that reads:

    “God is coming back soon, and boy is SHE pissed!”

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