Marriage Has Its Rewards

When my eldest son Christian was only 3 1/2, he let us know that he would not be getting married one day as he wanted to have "more time to serve God." (Apparently he caught wind of I Corinthians 7:32-35).
Since that time, whenever I say, "Look at the way you helped your brother — you'll be such a good daddy someday!" or "Thank you for killing that spider. Your wife will love it when you do that," he patiently reminds me that there is a good chance he just may never get married.
Christian has also stated that marriage would be rough — because you would "have" to kiss, and because you just may end up having to go to the store with your wife to buy a bra or girl underwear.
Today, as we were sailing down the freeway toward my parents' house, with a sudden and dramatic sigh Christian exclaimed, "Oh no! I just thought of something! If I don't get married, I won't be able to use the CARPOOL LANE. Ohhhh…then I'd end up just SITTING in traffic."

Any single men out there need a good reason to get married?
Christian just came up with a fine one for your list!


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