Quality Blogs to Check Out

The Old Schoolhouse is accepting votes for Blog Awards. I went there to vote for my very favorite inspirational blog — Holy Experience — and ended up discovering on several other neat blogs. Thought I’d spread the good cheer, inspiration, and deep thoughts! I definitely don’t have the time to be reading these all by myself. In fact, I put the kids in front of a very short movie — Max Lucado’s The Crippled Lamb, and was supposed to be washing my hair! Well, I may still have dirty hair when the movie ends, but I’ll be in a really good mood ūüôā
Oh, and one of the dad’s blogs had a link to The Chronicles of Narnia Rap — one that I am embarrassed to admit I was awake for and watching last Saturday Night Live!

3 thoughts on “Quality Blogs to Check Out

  1. Thank you so much for the link to the Chronicles of Narnia rap! I’ve heard EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT IT, but I didn’t watch SNL last weekend, so I missed out. It’s getting as much attention as the Blue Oyster Cult More Cowbell sketch.

    Love you!

  2. ALL I SAID was it’s getting the same *attention*. I hadn’t seen it yet. I do find it hilarious, but no, not Bruce Dickenson hilarious. By the time we’re finished here, you’ll all be wearing gold plated diapers!

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