Improving His Aim…?

Just yesterday, I was reprimanded at a friend's home for using the "boy" bathroom instead of the guest bathroom. Everyone knows boys' bathrooms can be icky. For that matter, men's rooms can be worse. Have you ever seen a long line of women waiting for the potty, while the men's room remains vacant? Any of us who have tried the guys' side once before in desperation know from experience that the gals' side is worth the wait.
Well, this morning was no exception in our home. I had to go potty really badly and sat down on a WET seat. Now, our toilet is right next to the shower, which has been known to splash a little, so I didn't freak out at first. When I stood up, I could tell the toilet was not wet with shower water. I also noticed that it wasn't just the seat that was wet, but behind the seat and on both sides of the bottom of the toilet. How in the world could this have happened?
I began my wailing: Who did this? This is so disgusting! Who could miss like this?? It looks like someone pee'd ON the seat instead of IN it!!
My honest-most-of-the-time-lately son Micah ran into the bathroom with his eyes downcast. Quietly, he answered, "It was me, Mom. I'm sorry."
You? You did this? This is sooooooooooooo gross. I SAT in pee! I have pee on my bottom! Do you have any idea how disgusting that is?
Then I asked the question that most good parenting books tell you to skip:
I really didn't expect an answer, but I got one. Micah looked up at me with his big baby blues and in all sincerity explained, "Mom, there was a fly on the potty. I was trying to shoot it."
Suddenly the wicked vandalist transformed into an endearing little boy right before my very eyes. He and I started cracking up, hugged each other and had a good laugh, right there on the bathroom floor! Then I gave him the Windex and a ton of paper towels and told him to make the porcelain shine.
Micah knows that he shall never again try to shoot flies with bodily fluid. And I know that a wet bottom is not worth losing my temper over. Some day these boys will be grown up and gone, and I will remember (and miss) their antics with fondness.
Their future wives may have to deal with dirty toilets at times, but at least these husbands will know how to clean 'em up πŸ™‚

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